And That’s How This Idea Was Drilled Into My Head

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for quite a while.  I actually started blogging under another username late last year when I got engaged.  I initially thought I wanted to try writing a wedding planning blog as a way to document the process and possibly help other brides-to-be who felt just as overwhelmed as I did.  After a few posts, though, I quickly realized that writing about one topic just isn’t my thing.  I need variety!

So here I am, with attempt number two.

As I said before, I need variety.  I also need some sort of schedule.  If I allow myself to write about whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it … Well … You’ll probably see me pop up in a few months with a new username and a pathetic third attempt at blogging.

That being said, I’m going to focus on specific topics of interest on specific days of the week.  Will I always provide an update every day?  Well, let’s be honest here … No, I won’t.  I’m human, and there will definitely be times that I don’t feel like writing, have nothing of interest to say, or am simply too busy.  These things happen.  I do hope, however, that by having specific topics in mind each day, I’m more inclined to feel inspired to post.

Here is the list of topics:

Monday: Music Monday

I’m obsessed with music.  Literally obsessed.  Mondays will bring out the Rob Fleming in me (that’s a High Fidelity reference, by the way), and you’ll get to hear all about some of my favorite music and why it’s so meaningful to me.  I may even throw in an album review here and there.

Tuesday: Tasty Tuesday

One of my hobbies is cooking.  I don’t think I’m awesome enough to join the food blogging world.  I mean, I use cans of cream of [insert type here] soup, jarred sauces, and frozen precooked shrimp … Among other offenses.  (The horror!)  But you know what?  I love to cook.  I may not be a master chef, but I do make some good shit.  I’ll be happy to share recipes I come across that are amazing, any adapted recipes I have, and (hopefully!) I’ll be inspired to mess around a little more in the kitchen to come up with my own original recipes.  (And don’t worry, I’ll always credit my sources!)

Wednesday: Wedding Wednesday

As I mentioned earlier, my first blogging attempt focused solely on wedding planning.  I still think I need an outlet to share tips and (more often) vent frustrations, so I’m adding it to my list of topics.  I’ll be revisiting some of my previous wedding planning posts, but there will be a lot of new stuff as well.  And don’t worry … After we tie the knot, I’ll share any additional words of wisdom I may have.  And pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

Thursday: Tell All Thursday

Okay, so I may not actually tell all in these posts.  There is a line of TMI that I dare not cross in such an open forum.  That being said, I’ll use Thursdays to “journal.”  You may like what you read, you may not.  I won’t always be divulging life changing stories … I may just write about something interesting that happened to me or my thoughts on a specific topic.  This will be a time for sharing and reflection, something I personally think is very important.  I still enjoy reading over old journals to see how much I’ve changed over the years!

Friday: Friday Lounge

What does that mean exactly?  It means I’ll allow Friday to be the one day I can write whatever I want.  Unlike the more personal “journaling” I’ll be doing on Thursdays, Friday posts will be dedicated to ideas, reactions, humor, etc.  One week I may write about an article that sparked my interest.  Another week I may simply post a funny picture.  It will be completely random and unplanned, and hopefully it will mix things up a bit for any readers I may have.  (Hopefully I’ll have a few!)

Saturday: Saturday Book Club

I guess it’s not technically a book club if I’m the only member, but whatever.  Last year I had a 50 book reading goal.  I only read 32 (and a half?).  I wrote reviews of every book I read in my more private LiveJournal (yeah, I’m old school and oh-so-awesome), but I’m more than willing to share these reviews on this public blog.  I also plan to post reviews of books read more recently.  I love to read, but I don’t always have the time.  I’m hoping having a day devoted solely to book reviews may prompt me to start reading more heavily again.

Sunday: Sunday Lists

I love lists.  Call me crazy, call me Type A, call me whatever you want … Lists are great!  Although I’ll likely be making lists on occasion on Mondays, Sunday will be a day devoted solely to lists.  The lists will be completely random, but maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about me.  (Hopefully any readers I have will be interested enough to learn a little more about me!)

There it is … My plan.

I’m excited to start blogging again.  I love writing, and I think something like this is a great outlet when I’m not feeling creative enough to work on a poem or piece of fiction.

I know this isn’t a “typical” introduction post.  I didn’t go into a lot of details about myself and my life.  However, if you’ve made it this far (and still want to read more!), I promise I’ll share more.


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