The Reflected Sound Of Everything

Today is my first Music Monday post.

There are so many artists, albums, and songs I could write about, but I wanted to start with my absolute favorite: Elliott Smith.


My favorite picture of Elliott Smith.  Image courtesy of (though it can be found floating around on various websites).

The interesting thing about Elliott Smith is that most people either love him, think he’s okay, or have never heard of him.  Maybe I’m delusional (or my friends are just too nice to say otherwise), but no one has ever told me, “I hate his music.”

And really, how could anyone hate his music?  I know I’m completely biased, but even if his folky indie rock sound isn’t your cup of tea, you’d have to at least admit that he wrote incredible, meaningful songs and touched the lives of many through his music.

There are a lot of things I could say about Elliott Smith and his music (and I’m sure I’ll be revisiting his work in future Music Monday posts), but today I’ll be focusing on my favorite tracks from his album XO.


My very well-loved copy of XO.  (Notice the cracks in the case!)  Personal photo.

I didn’t select this album for any particular reason, aside from the fact that I’ve been listening to it quite a bit lately.  So many of Elliott Smith’s songs hold a lot of meaning for me, and the songs listed below are no exception.  While it was difficult to narrow it down to only a few of the “best” tracks from this album, these are the ones that always get me … Every time.

* Waltz #2 (XO)

Personal Favorite Line(s): I’m so glad that my memory’s remote/’Cause I’m doing just fine hour to hour, note to note

* I Didn’t Understand

Personal Favorite Line(s): ‘Cause my feelings never change a bit/I always feel like shit/I don’t know why, I guess that I “just do”

* Tomorrow Tomorrow

Personal Favorite Line(s): They took your life apart and called your failures art

* Sweet Adeline

Personal Favorite Line(s): Cut this picture into you and me/Burn it backwards, kill this history/Make it over, make it stay away/Or hate’ll sing the ending that love that started to say

* A Question Mark

Personal Favorite Line(s): Said your final word, but honesty and love could’ve kept us together/One day you’ll see it’s worth it after all/If you ever want to say you’re sorry you can give me a call

(Full disclosure: I really wanted to embed audio files in this post.  I tried everything … Then I realized that I’d have to pay for a space upgrade in order to do so.  And I’m cheap.  Sorry!  You can easily find these songs on Spotify or Grooveshark for free, though!)

If there are any Elliott Smith fans reading this, which songs would you choose as your favorites from XO?  Are there specific lines that really “make” the song for you?


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