Just Give Me November, The Warmth Of A Whisper In The Freezing Darkness Of My Room

For my first Wedding Wednesday post, I’ll be resurrecting my introduction post from my previous attempt at blogging.  I’ve changed a few things and added some stuff, but the post is basically the same.

Front Camera

Cutest couple ever?  I may be a little biased.  Personal photo.

The picture above was taken right before Eric proposed.  I’ll write about the proposal in greater detail in a future post … This post is all about the basics.

We’re an “older” couple, I guess.  I hear of so many couples in their early 20s getting engaged and married (I know several of these couples personally!), so I often feel that I should make this distinction.  We’re not really “old,” but we’re definitely not 20 years old either.

I’m 28 and Eric just turned 31 last month.  (I’ll be 29 in August.)  We live in Omaha, Nebraska.  I’m originally from West Virginia, and I actually moved here for love.  (Cue sappy “awwwwws.”)  I moved to Nebraska in September 2009, so I’ve been here for almost four years … And it’s actually pretty cool.  I’ve made some great friends, I have a job that I absolutely love, and Eric makes me happier than I ever thought I could be.  Oh, and a bunch of my favorite bands/artists have come to Omaha since I’ve been here (which, as you may have guessed from my Music Monday posts, is a huge plus in my book!).

After being together for nearly five and a half years and living together for almost two, Eric proposed on November 13, 2012!  Since then, we’ve both been spending a significant amount of our time wedding planning.  I wouldn’t say it has completely taken over our lives or anything, but certain things can be pretty time consuming (such as hand addressing Save the Date envelopes).

Since wedding planning can be incredibly overwhelming (or so it would seem), I really wanted to blog about it as things progress.  Although quite a few of my entries here will be detailing events that have already passed (in some cases, these things may have happened months ago), I think it will still be nice to have everything written down.  I’m sure I’ll look back on some of these posts in a few years and wonder what the hell I was thinking … But at least I’ll be able to remember everything (good and bad).  And who knows?  If anyone actually reads this blog, maybe I’ll give them some ideas and/or offer up some decent advice!  Or, at the very least, something I say may resonate with them on some level and make them feel a little less alone in this process.


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