They Made It Past The Enemy Lines Just To Become Enslaved In The Assembly Lines

Ask most brides-to-be which website they go to for ideas, and you’ll likely get a resounding cry of, “Pinterest!”  Moms looking for craft ideas for their kids?  Check out Pinterest!  People who want to bring a kickass dish to their next company potluck?  Pinterest can help you out there too!

I wasn’t interested in signing up for a Pinterest account when I first heard about it.  It sounded kind of silly, to be honest.  I wondered how anyone could waste hours of their free time looking through pictures of food, wedding ideas, tattoos, craft ideas, etc.  And then my cousin told me that I really needed to check it out.  She’s also in the midst of planning her wedding (she’ll be married about 2 months before Eric and me), and she told me how helpful Pinterest had been.

So I grudgingly signed up for an account.  And I started clicking through pictures of bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces … Then I moved on to pictures of chicken main dishes, pasta main dishes, cookies … It didn’t take long to get see why people are so addicted to this site.

This is a very accurate portrayal of what happened when I first checked Pinterest out:


Today’s Sunday List topic is devoted to some of my favorite things from Pinterest.  I use it most often for wedding ideas and recipes, but I also have a humor board and workouts board (and I’m sure I’ll come up with more boards in the future).  I’ll probably also come up with more favorites in the future, but today’s post is focused on my current favorites.

This week’s list is actually kind of two lists mashed together: My Top Five Wedding Pins And My Top Five Recipe Pins 

Wedding Pins:

5.) Image

This is absolutely stunning.  Our reception won’t look like this (I wish!), but we are definitely tying in several of these elements.

4.) Image

We’re using black lanterns and twine balls similar to those in the picture on the left as part of our decor, but we’re not going as “rustic” as this.  I think the decorations we’re using should give off more of an enchanted forest/vintage elegance vibe.  (Yeah, I know … This is what happens when you’re planning a wedding!)

3.) Image

This is one of the only flower girl dresses I’ve seen that I actually love.  It might be a real possibility, especially since it would fit in so well with our overall look/theme.  I’d definitely change the colors for the flowers on the bodice, though.

2.) Image

I’m still not sure exactly what the flowers in this bouquet are … The link from Pinterest says they are likely white dahlias (though another website says they are hydrangeas and mums).  Whatever they are, they’re absolutely gorgeous!  I may have to consider using some of these in my bouquet (though I was already considering hydrangeas).

1.) Image

In reality, we don’t care that much about our cake.  We want it to taste delicious, sure … But we don’t necessarily care about it looking “pretty.”  This is probably my current favorite wedding pin, though, because it’s just so perfect.  It’s gorgeous and would go perfectly with our general themes.  If we could have something similar without spending $700, I’d definitely go for it.

Recipe Pins:

5.) Image

Jalapeño Popper Dip from Annie’s Eats:

I made this dip for a night in with a couple of my girlfriends, and it was a huge hit.  I added some crumbled bacon on top, but otherwise kept everything the same.  I would highly recommend this dip if you like the flavors of jalapeño poppers.  I’ll definitely be making it again!

4.) Image

One Pot Spaghetti from Fantastical Sharing of Recipes

I love spaghetti … Always have, always will.  This recipe is a little unique, though, as it uses chicken broth to add flavor to the dish.  But really it was the “one pot” factor that sold me on this.  I’ve made it without meat as well, and it’s perfect for nights when I want a quick meal with an even faster cleanup.

3.) Image

Famous Salmon from

Apparently this salmon is “famous.”  And I guess it probably should be … It’s simple but oh so delicious.  I love the flavors of lemon and capers together, and they blend perfectly with the other spices (including dill and basil) and dijon mustard to create an awesome, healthy salmon dish.  Yum!

2.) Image

Tortellini Soup from Annie’s Eats

I’ve made this soup a few times now, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite meal around here!  It’s light, healthy, and vegetarian (I’m trying to incorporate more meatless meals into our diet).  It’s also incredibly tasty!  I always double the recipe so we can have plenty of leftovers.

1.) Image

Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups from Cooking Classy

I’m planning to post more about this recipe in detail because it was amazing.  I was so proud of myself for making such a delicious meal, so you better believe it will end up on a Tasty Tuesday post in the future!  (Though my pictures are definitely not as awesome as the one above!)  Eric and I both loved these … The perfect flavors for summer.

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, please feel free to share some of your favorite pins (regardless of category)!


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