Between The Click Of The Light And The Start Of The Dream

Okay, I admit it: I’ve been accused of being a “hipster.”  (Gasps all around.)

This is mostly due to my taste in music, which is admittedly hipsterish.  (I just invented that word.  No big deal.)  I’m also a complete coffee addict, and love to hit up local coffee shops.  I think in some circles that could qualify as hipster behavior.  I don’t think I dress like a hipster, but I do dye my hair black and have side-swept bangs (which may be more “emo” than “hipster,” but who knows?).  Oh, and I love foreign, art house, and foreign art house films … Though this may make me seem more pretentious/like a douche than like a hipster.

So I bit the bullet and took some online quizzes to see if this label fits.  Obviously this is the only possible way to determine whether or not I’m actually a hipster.  Because, you know, online quizzes are completely legit.

Let’s check out the results, shall we?

From the “Are You A Hipster?” quiz at

“You are a brainy hipster.  You consider yourself a progressive, independent thinker that stands out in a crowd.  You appreciate witty banter, intelligence, and independently created work like music, poetry, or video games.  You might not like being called a hipster because they are often associated with an elitist attitude and somewhat privileged lifestyle, but at your core your unique perspective makes you a hipster.”

Well … That’s pretty accurate.  Let’s see what some others have to say.

From the “Are You A Hipster?  This 10 Question Quiz Will Reveal The Answer” quiz at

I had 30 points on this quiz.

“26 – 33: In most situations people are probably going to call you a hipster.  You’re never seen without a pair of skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, an ironic (not really ironic anymore) mustache while sipping on 24 oz. of the Blue Ribbon.  Hell, you might even blog about music, style, and what makes a hipster.  But something’s missing.  You’re just not as plugged into the hipster social and music scene like you should be.  Your more hipster friends will accept you and celebrate when you’re around.  But when you’re not, they’ll secretly scoff at the fact that you don’t own a fixie while they Instagram pictures of their 100% local grown and raised organic meal with a kick-ass Nashville filter.”

This isn’t really me … Well, expect for the blogging about music thing.  Okay, and maybe a few of the other things.  Hmmm.  Let’s try another.

From the “Are You Actually A Hipster?” quiz at

“Trying to be a hipster.  You are not actually a hipster.  If you took this quiz than either you tried to be a hipster, which isn’t the definition of a hipster, or you have a really awesome, unique personality.”

Since I’m not trying to be a hipster, I’m going to say that I just have a really awesome, unique personality.  Thanks for boosting my self-esteem, random internet quiz!   Okay, I’ll try one more since the results have been all over the place.

From the “Hipster Friday: Wait … Am I A Hipster?” quiz at

“Becky/Chad: No worries here!  You are clearly not a hipster, but the much-maligned “Becky” or “Chad.”  Hipsters believe you don’t do enough to stand out.  Now, the question is, are they right?  Life is more fun when you take a risk.”

I’m not sure what a Becky/Chad is, but I guess this means I’m not a hipster.  I’m only “sort of” one in some circles.

Well, this was certainly enlightening.


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