Invested Enough In It Anyhow, To Each His Own

As I mentioned in my last Wedding Wednesday post, Eric and I signed our lives away (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration!) in December when we committed to a venue.  After nailing down the venue and the date (November 9, 2013), we decided we should start focusing on some of the details.

I didn’t go wedding dress shopping until January.  I wanted to wait until my mom was able to fly in from my hometown.  It was incredibly important to me that she be part of the selection process.

Since I wouldn’t be shopping for a dress for another month, it was difficult at that point to figure out exactly what we’d want.  The dress can definitely have an impact on the overall look and theme of a wedding.  I don’t necessarily think things need to be matchy matchy (in fact, I’d prefer that they aren’t), but I also think choosing a “classic elegance” theme when your dress looks like the image below wouldn’t really make sense:


I can’t imagine anyone liking Hello Kitty this much!  Yikes.  Image courtesy of

(For the record, I did not choose a dress that even remotely resembles this one.  We also do not plan to have a “classic elegance” theme … Those were just examples.)

These days, brides have a lot of options.  I search for a lot of wedding ideas online.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love wasting time on Pinterest … Though that’s only one of the sites I use.  While I typically gravitate toward fun, interactive sites, these same sites can also make me a little crazy.  For example, I could easily spend a couple of hours on Pinterest searching for wedding inspiration.  I might find a couple of things that really stand out as things we could actually use, but the rest is just stuff that’s fun to look at.

Unfortunately, the fun stuff sometimes made it difficult to pinpoint exactly what we wanted in the early stages of planning.  I mean, how easy is it to be swayed toward a “rustic chic” theme when you see something like this?


This is absolutely stunning!  Image courtesy of

Or what about a pastel rainbow color scheme?


While I’m not crazy about the actual dresses in this photo, the idea is really fun and the colors look fantastic together.  Image courtesy of

And I can’t forget about the lure of extravagant centerpieces!


We are definitely not extravagant centerpiece people, but this is gorgeous.  Image courtesy of

All of these ideas are great … For someone else.  We’re not rustic chic country people.  We’re having a fairly small wedding party, so the pastel rainbow thing wouldn’t work.  And that centerpiece?  It’s much too over the top for our tastes.

In the earliest stages of planning, we had absolutely no idea what we wanted.  We had a few ideas in mind, but we weren’t sure how we could tie everything together.  We mostly just wanted our wedding decor to have a somewhat cohesive look … A look that included some personal touches to make it more “us.”

That being said, here are a few examples of the types of things we wanted to include from the beginning:

Black lanterns


Image courtesy of 

White paper lanterns


Image courtesy of http://www.the-louisville–

Twinkle lights


Image courtesy of

Simple floral centerpieces


Image courtesy of

Luckily for us, the venue we chose offers a wide variety of wedding decor … Including the items listed above!  While these pictures aren’t exactly what we wanted, they were a good starting point.  Although it seems simple, It definitely takes some time to figure out what you like and don’t like when planning a wedding!


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