So Hold On … Hold On To What We Are … Hold On To Your Heart

I turned 29 on Thursday.  I can’t believe this is going to be the last year of my 20s.  Sometimes I feel so young, like I have so much life left to live … But other times I feel incredibly old.

I’ve been thinking about all of the life experiences I’ve had, and all of the experiences I want to have in the future … And that inspired me to make this list.

I think most people have a “30 Before 30” list.  I never bothered to make one.  I’m not sure why exactly, considering how much I enjoy making lists.  

I’ve decided to make a variation of a “30 Before 30” list for today’s post.  Realistically, I don’t think I can complete a lot of these things in the next year.  I obviously don’t want to feel like a complete failure, so I’m giving myself some extra time with the “35 Before 35” list.

I’m honestly not sure whether I’ll even be able to complete all of these things in the next 6 years, but I think my chances of completing at least 90% of the list are greatly increased by giving myself an extra 5 years to do it.  I’m adding things that I’ve already done as well.  Maybe that’s cheating, but many of these are things I would have put on this list years ago anyway.

This week’s list: My 35 Before 35.

35.) Learn to speak French.

34.) Start and maintain a blog.

33.) Go skydiving.

32.) Get LASIK eye surgery.

31.) Visit a winery for a wine tasting.

30.) Play a game at a casino.

29.) Try waxing.

28.) Practice yoga regularly.  (I was doing this, but then I stopped … So I can’t technically mark it off.)

27.) Complete a 50 book challenge (read 50 books in one calendar year).

26.) Participate in a marathon of some sort (walking or running).

25.) Acquire a taste for beer.

24.) Reach my goal weight.

23.) Learn how to poach an egg perfectly.

22.) Learn to bake.  Well.  From scratch.

21.) Join a local group (book club, writing club, etc.).

20.) Make a difference through volunteering. 

19.) Upgrade my wardrobe.

18.) Travel to Africa.

17.) Travel to Australia.

16.) Travel to Asia. 

15.) Travel to Europe.

14.) Attend a music festival.

13.) See at least 10 of my favorite bands/artists live.

12.) Get at least one tattoo.

11.) Get a tragus piercing.

10.) Get a rook piercing.

9.) Pay off my student loans.

8.) Buy a home.

7.) Have at least one child.

6.) Get married.

5.) Get engaged.

4.) Finish at least one novel that is good enough to be submitted to a literary agent and publisher.

3.) Get a novel published.

2.) Get a major promotion at work, moving into a position with significantly more responsibility.

1.) Create new traditions with Eric.


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