I’ll Say It Once Again, This Won’t Make You Happy

I’m exhausted this evening, but I really wanted to post something.  Thankfully on Friday Lounge days I can pretty much post whatever I want.  (I can obviously do that anyway, but it’s much more acceptable for me to make a lame post on Friday.)

Today I’ll be posting a few hilarious pictures.  These aren’t memes, but they’re hilarious.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the stick figure family phenomenon.  If you’re not, the general idea is that people get stick figure decals that are supposed to represent their family and place them on their cars.  

I personally think this is ridiculous.  I’m not a fan of bumper stickers in general (these aren’t really bumper stickers, but it’s the same basic idea), but these seem completely pointless.  If someone can explain why these are so great, please do so in a comment … Because I just don’t get it.

I will say, though, if I saw any of the following stick figure families (or things referencing stick figure families) on someone’s car, I might at least think they have a great sense of humor:







And finally, my personal favorite:



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