The Feeling When It All Works Out

In an earlier post, I wrote about searching for wedding inspiration.  In that post, I spent a lot of time talking about the things we wouldn’t like, but not much time talking about the things we would like.  But maybe that’s because we really didn’t know.

We set up a meeting with our wedding coordinator a few weeks after I chose my wedding dress to go over some general ideas for wedding decor.  Unfortunately, the first part of the meeting went a little something like this:

Wedding Coordinator: What do you guys think about this?  (Said as she shows us a huge vase filled with flowers.)

Me: Ummm … It’s pretty big.  I don’t want anything that will obstruct guests’ views of one another.

Eric: Yeah, it’s too much.

Wedding Coordinator: Okay … What about this?  (Said as something smaller but very blingy is pulled out.)

Eric: I hate shiny shit.

Me: Yeah, I think we were hoping for something more elegant and less over the top.

Wedding Coordinator: Oh okay.  Well … Maybe we should look at some color options and come back to centerpieces.  It might help me get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

And as she pulls out color swatch after color swatch, our reactions vary from “That’s not really what we had in mind,” to “Ugh, I hate that color!”  

I’m sure we weren’t exactly a treat to work with.  We’re not rude or mean people by any means, but we’re pretty vocal about what we do and don’t like … Especially if we’re paying big money for it!

The only problem?  We seemed to hate everything.  It wasn’t that they didn’t have nice things to offer … It was just that nothing really screamed “us.”

And then the wedding coordinator started asking about my dress.  Eric told me I should show her my Pinterest wedding board (yes, he actually knows and cares about what that is!).  And somehow things just clicked.


Image courtesy of

Suddenly we were talking about the fact that I feel like a fairy princess running through an enchanted forest in my wedding dress.  (This may sound completely ridiculous, but it’s really how I feel when I put it on.  Don’t judge!)  My gown is very unique in that it’s a combination of whimsical and vintage styles with a few modern touches.  A lot of ideas started being thrown around, and we realized that being “us” meant not having one specific theme.  Instead, it means we’ll be incorporating a variety of ideas and styles we like and hope we can achieve an overall cohesive look and feel.

The meeting turned out to be incredibly productive.  Here’s what we decided we liked:

Enchanted Forest


Image courtesy of



Image courtesy of



Image courtesy of



I’m actually not sure where this picture is from.  I saved it months ago, and I couldn’t find it (even using reverse image lookup on Google).

Floral Accents


Image courtesy of



Image courtesy of

I know I posted some of these things in a previous entry, but the point here is that we really started to envision what our wedding might look like … And that was pretty exciting!  Of course things will be done differently … These are simply some inspiration pictures.

I feel like we’re all over the place with our ideas, but I do think we can get it to mesh … Somehow.

So, in closing, if someone asks me what our wedding theme is, the response will go something like, “Well, we have a lot of ideas.  We want everything to have kind of a whimsical, enchanted forest, natural/rustic, vintage feel with some floral accents and lanterns thrown in.  We’re doing a lot of different things, but it should be very “us.””

Or, more likely, I’ll just say, “Our theme is random shit we like.” 


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