The More You Try To Erase Me, The More That I Appear

I’m continuing on with the 10 day blogging challenge with my Sunday Lists post today.

This week’s list: 7 Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

7.) Random song lyrics.  I literally always have a song in my head.  Sometimes the same song will be stuck with me for days and days, while sometimes I’ll go from one song to another to another to another in a matter of hours (or even minutes).  I used to think that everyone always had a song in their head, but apparently that isn’t true … Eric once told me that he almost never has a song in his head.  Weird.

6.) My ongoing to do list.  I always have tons of things to do (whether I want to do them or not).  Sometimes it’s something simple that I do enjoy, such as updating my blog.  Sometimes it’s something more time consuming and not fun at all, like cleaning or laundry.  Whatever the case, I always run through my daily (or sometimes weekly) to do list in my head multiple times to ensure I don’t forget anything.  (I also often make lists on my iPhone, but I still run through them in my head because I’m weird like that.)

5.) Worries.  I’m a crazy worrier.  It doesn’t matter what it is … If there’s like a 0.0001% chance a bad thing will happen, I will worry about that bad thing.  It’s pretty ridiculous.

4.) Specific people and moments in time.  I don’t know if this is “normal” or not, but I replay certain moments (involving specific people, of course) in my mind like it’s an ongoing movie.  Sometimes these are happy memories, but sometimes they’re not.  I wouldn’t say I dwell on any specific moment(s), but sometimes something triggers a memory (like hearing a particular song or realizing it’s an old friend’s birthday) … And then I continue thinking about it for a while.

3.) Writing ideas.  I always have tons of plot ideas floating around in my head.  Unfortunately, I typically get these ideas when it’s most inconvenient (like when I’m working, driving, etc.) and don’t always have the time (or remember!) to write them down later.  If I do happen to get the idea written down, I then spend a lot of time agonizing over every detail.  It’s probably not surprising that I don’t finish a lot of the projects I begin.

2.) Sex.  Yeah, I said it.  I’m a woman and I think about sex on a regular basis.  I know, I know … Shocking!

1.) The future.  This doesn’t include the worries mentioned in #5, though.  When I say I think a lot about the future, I mean I think about the way I hope things will be in a year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.  It’s actually a really positive thing, and a lot of the goals I listed in my previous “35 Before 35” post were created based on these thoughts.


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