The Seasons Have Changed, And So Have We

I’ve decided to make another of the 10 day blogging challenge posts today since the topic seemed more personal (and therefore worthy of being a Tell All Thursday post).

I’ll preface this post by saying that this was actually a very difficult list for me to make.  I try not to do too many things that I’ll regret later … So I can’t honestly say that I truly wish I hadn’t done all of these things.  I do, however, think these were some of my worst moments.  And while I may not have learned from these mistakes if I hadn’t made them in the first place, I occasionally wish I’d at least been a little smarter at the time.

This week’s topic: 6 Things You Wish You’d Never Done

6.) I wish I’d never gone to graduate school.  Going to graduate school helped me realize what I didn’t want to do with my life, which was great.  However, I hated it so much that I dropped out after the first year.  Now I have student loans (I had none when I completed my undergraduate degree) for a Masters degree I didn’t even earn.  I also felt completely stupid when I withdrew from the program … Like I wasn’t smart enough to finish.  That wasn’t really the case.  I was just miserable and completely uninterested in the subject matter, which led me to be totally unmotivated.  Looking back on that time in my life, I’m embarrassed that I actually dropped out (that’s so out of character for me).  But, all things considered, I made the right decision for myself and I don’t feel like I’ve been cheated out of any amazing opportunities because of this.  I just wish I hadn’t gone through that year in order to figure out where I wanted to go (and also where I didn’t want to go) with my career.

5.) I wish I hadn’t stopped playing piano.  I started taking piano lessons when I was young (7 or 8, I can’t remember for sure) because my dad wanted me to.  He would take me to my lessons each week (one of the only times he would actually spend time with me) … And that was about it.  I never wanted to practice because I wasn’t really into it at the time, and I eventually quit in order to spite him as our relationship continued on its downward spiral.  As I got older, though, I kind of started to regret the fact that I didn’t try harder … That I didn’t care enough to stick with it.

4.) I wish I’d been even more involved in on-campus activities in college.  This is maybe a stretch because it’s something I wish I’d done that I didn’t do, but I think it still counts.  I was involved with quite a few groups, but I always wish I hadn’t given up on some of the things I loved during high school, like drama and dance team.  I just really didn’t have the time for those things on top of my classes (and my social life) … Well, not if I wanted to graduate in 4 years.  Sometimes I just wish I could have managed to squeeze it all in.

3.) I wish I hadn’t allowed some of my friendships to end so easily.  There are a few friends I’ve lost for one reason or another over the years, and in many cases I really think the relationship could have been salvaged.  I shouldn’t have just let us drift apart … These people were really important to me, and I still miss them.

2.) I wish I hadn’t hooked up with some of the people I did in the past.  I didn’t always make the best decisions when it came to guys, and I definitely went through a very self-destructive phase.  Did I learn from my ridiculous mistakes?  Well, yeah.  Do I wish I hadn’t made so many of them?  Most definitely.

1.) Going along with #2, I wish I hadn’t gotten involved with one particular guy.  He was verbally and emotionally abusive (and on one occasion did actually throw something at me during an argument), bullied me into many things I didn’t want to do, and stalked me for about 4 months after I finally had the courage to end the relationship.  It was actually a very scary experience, but I’m thankful things ended when they did.  If they hadn’t, it could have potentially been much worse.


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