And Each Person I Encountered I Couldn’t Wait To Meet

I’m on day 6 of the 10 day blogging challenge (though obviously I haven’t been following the rules and blogging according to these prompts each day for 10 days).  I’ve really enjoyed making these lists so far … Many of them have really made me think!

This week I actually changed the list.  I was going to write a post based on the original idea, but I realized it was going to be very similar to an earlier post … So obviously I wanted to come up with something else.

This week’s list: 5 Famous People I’d Love To Meet (In No Particular Order)

5.) Conor Oberst


Image courtesy of

4.) Tori Amos


Image courtesy of

3.) Fiona Apple


Image courtesy of

2.) Dallas Green


Image courtesy of

1.) Elliott Smith (This one can obviously never happen, but I still would have loved to meet him while he was alive.)


Image courtesy of

Apparently I only want to meet musicians.  I actually didn’t even realize that until I looked back through the list.  Interesting.

If anyone reading this cares to respond, which famous people would be on your list?


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