And Don’t Keep Me Like You Have Me … And Don’t Kiss Me Like You Don’t

Last week I wrote about some of my turn offs.  This week I’ll be writing about some of my turn ons, which is the topic for day 3 of the 10 day blogging challenge.

This week’s list: 3 Turn Ons

3.) Lips


Image courtesy of

I think I look at lips and immediately think of kissing, so a nice pair of lips automatically makes me assume that person is a great kisser.  Right or wrong, that’s what I think.

2.) Great sense of humor


Image courtesy of

I love to laugh, and if a guy is naturally able to make me laugh, that’s a huge plus.  To me, a great sense of humor also indicates that you know how to have fun and that we’ll always have a good time together.

1.) Intelligence


Image courtesy of

Intelligence is by far the sexiest quality a man can have.  I mentioned in my last Sunday Lists post that stupidity is my biggest turn off, so it’s only natural that intelligence would be my biggest turn on.  I need to be with someone who challenges me, and an intelligent man can do just that.

Luckily for me, Eric has nice lips, a great sense of humor, and is incredibly intelligent!


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