I Can See The Pictures On The Floor, Sketches Of What Was There Before

When you’re planning a wedding, there are some things you know will be essential (attire, venue, officiant, etc.) and some things that you can list as “nice extras if money allows.”

Early on, Eric and I decided we really wanted to have a photo booth.  Was it necessary?  No, of course not.  But we thought it would be a really cool thing to have for our guests (especially for those guests who might not be into dancing).


Image courtesy of http://www.qmeplanners.com.

Our top priority for our reception has always been making it a great time for all of our guests.  With that in mind, we decided a photo booth was important to us.  Although people can obviously have a good time without it, we’re hoping it will make the event more memorable and more fun for everyone.

We also plan to incorporate the photo booth into our guestbook.  Instead of a book filled with signatures that we will literally never look at, we wanted a fun guestbook filled with goofy photo booth pictures of our friends and family along with their well wishes.  That’s something we’ll actually look at for years after the wedding, and something that would be fun to share with any children we have in the future.


Image courtesy of blog.weddingwire.com.

As I mentioned in my previous Wedding Wednesday post, our officiant gave us some vendor recommendations.  One of those recommendations was for a local photo booth company.  

Eric and I arranged a meeting with the owner of the company, and met up at his home to try out a photo booth and get some additional information.  He was incredibly nice and willing to answer all of our questions.  The photo booth was fun and easy to use, and we loved that there were options to make the photos color or black and white.


Personal photo.  


Personal photo.

These are just a few of the very goofy pictures we took in the photo booth during our meeting.  (Yes, I realize these pictures are like the least flattering pictures ever taken of us.  I’m sharing them anyway because, really, who cares?  We had fun taking them, and that’s all that matters!)

As ridiculous as this may sound, I was even more convinced to go with this company after seeing a poster of The Decemberists in the owner’s house.  (See?  Ridiculous!)  This prompted some musical nerdery conversation (my favorite kind!), as Eric and I leafed through sample guestbooks featuring photo booth images.

The visit was most definitely a productive one.  Eric and I ended up signing a contract and paying out the fee (which was reduced with a referral discount from our officiant) in full.  

I’m excited that we’re able to provide this additional entertainment to our guests.  I think most people enjoy taking silly photo booth pictures, so hopefully it will be a big hit!


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