But It Was Only In My Head Because No One Ever Says What They Really Mean To Say

When Eric and I got engaged, one of the things we were most looking forward to with regard to wedding planning was the cake tasting.  I mean, how could we not be excited about trying a bunch of delicious cake flavors?

We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but we did have a few criteria:

1.) The cake had to taste good.  I think sometimes people get obsessed with having a beautiful, elaborate wedding cake and don’t pay as much attention to what I consider to be the most important part … The flavor.

2.) We didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.  Wedding cakes can be ridiculously expensive … Like $700 and up.  For a cake.  Eric and I splurged on so many other areas of our wedding that we just didn’t want to spend that kind of money on the cake.

3.) We didn’t need an elaborate design.  Do we want our cake to at least look somewhat nice for pictures?  Of course.  But, since we didn’t want to spend a ton of money, we also decided we should chose a simpler design.

4.) We wanted an actual cake.  Not cupcakes, not pie, not cheesecake … Regular cake with frosting.  There are so many dessert options available that it can be kind of overwhelming.  Cupcakes are becoming a very popular thing for weddings.  Other brides and grooms choose to offer their favorite dessert, whether that be mini fruit pies, cheesecake, ice cream sundaes … Basically anything you can think of.  Despite the fact that Eric and I aren’t what I consider “traditional” people (and therefore have made some slightly less traditional choices throughout this process), we still wanted a more “traditional” cake.  There was no specific reason really … It’s just what we pictured from the beginning.

Our officiant gave us the business card for a local bakery he recommended.  After we’d mentioned some of the things we wanted (and didn’t want) in a wedding cake, he handed us the card and said he thought they’d be a great option for us.

I got in touch with the owners (the bakery is run by two guys), and set up a tasting.  They emailed a list of cake and frosting flavors and asked that we select four flavors we’d like to try.  Choosing flavors was surprisingly difficult since there were so many delicious sounding choices!  Eric and I finally selected four flavors, and sent them our choices.

Our flavor selections:

  • Red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting
  • White velvet cake with strawberry filling and strawberry cream cheese frosting
  • Black forest cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting
  • Dark chocolate cake with butter rum buttercream frosting

When we met up, they had prepared cupcakes for us to try.  They made four of each flavor, which I thought was really nice … That way we each had a cupcake to try at the initial tasting and another each to take home.


I actually remembered to take a picture of the cupcakes we brought home before we demolished them.  Personal photo.

During the meeting, we looked through some photos of the bakery’s work, asked questions, and of course ate delicious cake.  We were both impressed, and decided to sign a contract and put down a deposit to reserve our wedding date.

Months later, we still haven’t decided exactly which flavors we’re going to choose.  We decided early on that we wanted to offer three flavor options for our guests, but we really loved all four of the flavors we tried.  We know we’ll have to decide soon, but right now we just can’t choose!

If anyone reading this wants to weigh in, which three flavors (of those I listed above) would you most enjoy?


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