It’s So Damn Cliché That It’s Clever

I recently completed a 10 day blogging challenge that I found on Pinterest.  Even as I was writing my posts for that challenge, I was searching for the next one to complete.  Sometimes I just need a little push to come up with something at least somewhat interesting to say.  I mean, let’s be honest … I don’t lead an overly glamorous or exciting life.  So sometimes I need a little help coming up with things people might actually want to read about.

As you may remember, I didn’t do the 10 day challenge in 10 days.  I make an effort to update this blog every day, but I like to stick to my daily formula.  Because of this, I obviously have to spread out specific topics so they fall into the “right” category.  (And yes, I realize how crazy this probably sounds to most people.  It’s cool, though.  This is just who I am.)

Anyway, I found another blogging challenge on Pinterest recently that was exactly what I was looking for.  This is a 30 day blogging challenge, but many of the topics were a little more interesting than just “show your readers what’s in your purse/wallet.”  There are a few topics that are pretty basic, but I still liked this one more than some of the others I came across.

This week’s topic: Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone

I don’t know how “weird” some of these things are, but I’ll share what immediately came to mind.

  • I like to eat spoonfuls of Nutella right out of the jar.  And not just a small spoonful … It has to be pretty massive.  I always stand in the kitchen and eat it over the sink.  I’m not sure why I do that.  I am sure why I eat humongous spoonfuls of Nutella, though … Because it’s fucking amazing!
  • I will sometimes turn music up pretty loud and sing, dance, or both.  This isn’t that weird since I’ll do it in front of Eric sometimes too, but I get really into it when I’m alone.  It’s pretty embarrassing.
  • I practice different facial expressions in the mirror.  (I’m pretty sure this one qualifies as weird!)  I’m incredibly unphotogenic, so I often practice smiling as though I were taking a picture so I can remember how my face feels when it looks “right.”  I think I also do it out of habit since I used to be pretty involved with acting in plays … It’s definitely helpful when you want to determine the best way to get a specific emotion across.

Those are probably the strangest (or at least most embarrassing!) things I do when I’m home alone.  I mean, if I’m home alone I’m usually watching TV or movies, writing, reading, playing around on the computer (I can easily lose hours to Pinterest and other equally addictive sites), and/or listening to music.  I guess I’m pretty boring (at least when it comes to what I do when I’m alone).


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