For All My Sweat, My Blood Runs Weak

Today’s list is going to be kind of silly.  I was originally going to write a completely different post, but decided against it (at least until I can locate the personal pictures I want to use for reference).  So I decided I’d go with something a little ridiculous instead that may or may not work well as a “month of Halloween” type of post.

This week’s list: The Top Eight Things I Find Absolutely Disgusting

We all have things that make us cringe or want to throw up a little.  These are mine!

8.) Worms


This is absolutely disgusting!  Image courtesy of

Just the idea of slimy worms writhing around on the ground makes my stomach turn.  I know they’re not going to attack me or anything, but I still find them disgusting … I will actively try to avoid getting too close if I see one on the ground.

7.) Bad smells

bad smell tallahassee


I love the look on this guy’s face!  Image courtesy of

This one is a little vague, but only because I literally mean all bad smells.  In this case, though, I mean all “traditionally” bad smells, not just something I find repulsive.  Some examples would include stinky garbage, spoiled food, and smelly public restrooms.  I will actually find myself gagging at times over some of these things.

6.) Milk



This picture alone is enough to make me feel a little nauseous.  Image courtesy of

I know this is kind of a weird addition to the list, but I’ve pretty much always been disgusted by milk.  I will use it in cooking/baking and in bowls of cereal, but that’s about it.  (And when I use it in cereal, I always make sure I drain my spoon of any milk before I eat the cereal.)  I think milk looks, smells, and tastes horrible.  I can promise you will never find me drinking a glass of milk … I even feel a little nauseated when I see Eric doing that!

5.) Snot



I find this picture so gross … There’s just so much snot!  Image courtesy of

I feel like I get a runny nose pretty regularly as the weather starts to cool down, and it’s always not only embarrassing but also disgusting.  Snot isn’t as gross when it’s just your basic clear stuff … But when you’re actually sick and seeing weird shades of green and yellow when you blow your nose?  That’s fucking sick.

4.) The word “membrane”



I added the arrows to emphasize the oh-so-terrible word.  Image courtesy of

For some reason this word has always bothered me.  This is actually pretty hilarious, considering I majored in biology in college!  (This word seriously popped up in almost every science class I had.)  Hearing the word makes me physically hurt, though.  It sounds dramatic and crazy, I know, but unfortunately that’s the case.

3.) Vomit



I definitely only wanted to allude to what was happening with this picture.  I don’t want pictures of vomit on this blog!  Image courtesy of

I’d say this one is pretty common.  I mean, is there anyone out there who can honestly say they actually like vomit?  (If so, I’m not going to lie … That’s pretty fucked up.)  I have never been able to handle it, though.  I have no idea what I’ll do when I have kids in the future because I just can’t imagine being able to clean up after they’ve gotten sick.  I just can’t.  Luckily, I rarely throw up (I think it’s been at least 5 or 6 years since I last did), so at least I don’t have to deal with it very often.

2.) Bugs



This is the stuff of nightmares.  Seriously.  KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!  Image courtesy of

This could actually be on a list of things that terrify me as well, but they mostly terrify me because they’re just so disgusting.  (I’m including all types of bugs and creepy crawlies here, including spiders.)  If I see a bug of some kind, my skin immediately starts crawling and itching because I can just feel it all over me (even if it’s nowhere near me).  If it flies and buzzes near my ear, that’s even worse … I then start to panic, thinking that maybe it will fly into my ear.  I just can’t handle bugs of any kind!

1.) Eyeballs



A Clockwork Orange has a classic example of the kind of eyeball stuff that freaks me out.  Image courtesy of

This is probably also a really strange addition to this list.  To clarify, I don’t mean that looking at someone’s eyes disgusts me … Because it doesn’t.  I’m talking about either things being done to eyeballs (sticking needles in, sticking thumbs or fingers in until they bleed, removing an eyeball or two, etc.) or just seeing a pair of eyeballs either sitting out or an eyeball (or two) hanging from the socket.  Basically if you’d see it in a horror movie (though obviously the example above is not a horror movie), it’s something that seriously squicks me out.  Even as I typed this out, I was rubbing my own eyes and my stomach started to turn.  I can handle most things in horror movies, but if something involving eyeballs comes on, I’ll usually end up looking away or shutting my eyes because I just can’t handle it.

If anyone reading this cares to comment (and most of you never do, but you never know!), what disgusts you?  It can be something more “traditional” (like vomit or bad smells) or something that not many people would agree with (like my dislike for milk and the word membrane).  I just think it would be interesting to see what other people find particularly revolting.


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