Now This Can All Look New To You

I’m going to continue with the 30 day blogging challenge from Pinterest I mentioned in my last Tell All Thursday post.  A lot of the topics fit best in the Tell All Thursday or Friday Lounge categories (though a few may also work well in the Sunday Lists category), so I’m obviously not going to complete this in 30 days.  Whatever … The point (at least for me) is to simply finish the challenge, no matter how long it takes!  (And maybe someone reading this who feels “stuck” writing a blog post will be inspired by some of these topics.)

This week’s topic: How I Have Changed In The Last Two Years

This is actually kind of a difficult topic for me to write about.  I was trying to think of all of the ways I’ve changed in the last couple of years, but I honestly don’t know that I have changed that much.

Two years ago I was 27 years old.  I had just started working at the company I’m with now, and I was really excited about the new opportunity.  Eric and I had already been living together for several months (I think around 7 months or so), so we were starting to get more comfortable and used to being around each other all the time.  

So … Obviously most things have stayed pretty much the same.

I think this starts to happen as you get older, though.  You start becoming the person you’re going to be, and then you just sort of maintain.  It doesn’t mean life is boring … I mean, my life isn’t as exciting as, say, Serena van der Woodsen’s on Gossip Girl (I’ve been on a Netflix Gossip Girl kick lately in case you couldn’t tell), but it’s not really boring.  It’s just … Stable.

There’s a lot to be said about stability, though.  If the challenge was to write about how I’ve changed in the last 7 years, I think my response would have been very different.  I definitely went through a “wild” phase when I was younger.  I’m not proud of all of the choices I made at the time, but sometimes I’m actually glad that I had some of those experiences.  Regardless of what happened then, reflecting on the past always makes me thankful for the stability I now have in my life.


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