I Was Still Surprised When I Caught Your Eye After All This Time

I’m getting married in 13 days.

This is just a fact.  Another fact: I still have celebrity crushes.

I think most people have those few celebrities they think are unbelievably hot.  Whether they’re conventionally attractive or not, there’s just something about the fantasy of hooking up with a celebrity that’s really exciting.

I’m realistic, though … I mean, I don’t think I’m going to somehow get with any of these people.  (I also think Eric would be at least a little pissed if I had a one night stand … Even if it was with a famous person.)  But still … Celebrity crushes are meant to be fun, not serious.

This week’s list: My Top Five Celebrity Crushes

5.) Jake Gyllenhaal


He seems like such a sweetheart, and I just can’t resist those eyes and that smile.  (Just look at the picture above!)  It also helps that I really like a lot of his movies.

4.) Brad Pitt


I know this is a very cliché choice, but I started crushing on Brad Pitt when I was just 10 years old (after seeing Interview with the Vampire for the first time) … And that crush never faded.

3.) Conor Oberst


Conor Oberst is so awkwardly adorable.  He’s also incredibly talented … His lyrics are some of the greatest I’ve ever heard.

2.) Trent Reznor


My infatuation with Trent Reznor started when I was 9 or 10.  I remember seeing the music video for “Closer” on MTV and thinking, “Wow, that man is so sexy all tied up like that!”  (Yes, I realize that was incredibly inappropriate at the time, but oh well … I turned out fine.)  He is still just as sexy years later.

1.) Alex Turner


Alex Turner is my newest celebrity crush (or, as Eric might say, obsession).  Okay, it’s not that bad … But he’s definitely sexy (even though he can also be incredibly awkward) and talented.  (Not to mention the accent!)  I think the fact that the latest Arctic Monkeys album has such a dirty, sexy sound has only fueled the fire (so to speak).  But man … Alex Turner.  Swoon!


I just had to include this hilarious picture I found on Pinterest a while ago.  It made me laugh, but then I was like, “Oh, but this is kind of true.”

I feel kind of ridiculous sharing this list on a public blog, but seriously … Does anyone out there not have at least one celebrity crush?


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