This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake … My Head Explodes And My Body Aches

The fourth topic in the 30 day blogging challenge is a random one, so I thought I’d use it for this week’s Friday Lounge post.

What do I wear to bed?


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Well, if you think this is going to be exciting, you’re wrong.  I’m not a sexy lingerie kind of girl.  I’m also not a nude sleeper (though admittedly I have done this several times in my life and will probably do it in the future as well).

When it comes to sleepwear, I prefer comfort.  Pajama pants, t-shirts, cotton shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, flannel button-down pajama sets … I wear them all.

I was going to take a picture of myself in my pajamas tonight (I’m totally rocking the oh-so-sexy t-shirt, hoodie, and snowflake pajama pants), but then I decided not to.  I mean, it’s great to show readers (assuming there are any!) visuals, but I don’t think posting ridiculously unflattering pictures of myself in the world’s most comfy clothes is something I’m really comfortable doing right now.

At least I shared what I like to sleep in.  That’s something, I guess!


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