You Might As Well Resign Yourself To Try And Make A Change

I’ll be continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge today.  This week’s post is actually kind of fun since I have an opportunity to vent.  With all the stress I’ve been feeling about the upcoming wedding, it’s nice to just blow off some steam!

This week’s list: 5 Things That Irritate You About The Opposite Sex

5.) The need to watch sports 24/7. 


This is totally us on Saturdays during football season … Though I at least have my laptop to keep me occupied!  Image courtesy of

I understand being passionate about something like that … I’m extremely passionate about music, after all!  The thing I don’t understand is why there is this weird need to watch every game all day long.  I mean, if you like several teams, I guess I get that.  But sometimes I’ll ask Eric who he’s rooting for and he’ll say, “Eh, I don’t really care.”  What?!?!?  Why are you watching then?  I just don’t get it.


4.) The aversion to shopping. 



At least the guy stuck around in the same store in this picture.  Eric usually wanders off to look at other things if he knows I’m going to be in a clothing store for a while.  Image courtesy of

Sure, some guys actually enjoy shopping now and then.  I haven’t been in romantic relationships with any of them, though.  I think shopping can be therapeutic at times, but I don’t like feeling as though I’m dragging Eric along.  I like shopping with friends, but sometimes I wish I could get his opinion on things.  (Or help him pick out some new clothes!)  We go together on occasion, but I know he doesn’t love it or anything.

3.) Messing up my hair when I’ve actually spent time on it. 



This is what I feel like when this happens!  Image courtesy of

I love it when Eric plays with my hair … It feels nice.  But I don’t always take time on my hair.  A lot of the time I just throw it up in a ponytail and go.  So if I actually spent the extra 30 minutes or so to blow dry and straighten it (or possibly curl it if I’m feeling ambitious!), please don’t mess it up!  (At least not until after we’ve retired for the evening!)

2.) The inability to say what they mean. 



Ahhh … I remember the days of the vague texts and voicemails.  I don’t miss that at all.  Image courtesy of


This isn’t really applicable these days, but when you’re in the dating stages, it’s fucking obnoxious.  If you’re not interested, just say so.  If you like me, just say so.  It’s not that difficult!

1.) The inability to express emotion.  


Why so serious?  Image courtesy of

I know not every guy is like this … But many are.  (And, to be honest, many women are as well.)  I think this is much more difficult for me to deal with because I’m very emotional.  Sometimes I just need to know how you feel, you know?

What irritates you about the opposite sex?


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