Storm Clouds Break, Pools Remain … Memories

Since I wanted to focus on Elliott Smith and his music throughout the month of October, I didn’t share anything about the last concert I attended.  But I’m going to now!

Eric and I went to Kansas City the last weekend in October to see City and Colour.  It was my second time seeing City and Colour, and my third time seeing Dallas Green perform live (Eric and I also went to an Alexisonfire concert in Montreal back in December 2010).

I was really excited about this concert.  I mean, Dallas Green can definitely put on an amazing show!  His voice is absolutely amazing.  But more than that, I was excited because I really love the new album and couldn’t wait to hear some of the new songs live.  (You can read my review of The Hurry and the Harm here: I’ve Always Been Dark With Light Somewhere In The Distance.)

He definitely didn’t disappoint!  I can’t remember the entire setlist, but I’ll share the songs I do remember (and not in the correct order because I really can’t remember that!):

  • “Forgive Me”
  • “Of Space and Time”
  • “The Lonely Life”
  • “What Makes a Man”
  • “Body in a Box”
  • “Waiting …”
  • “As Much As I Ever Could”
  • “Paradise”
  • “Sleeping Sickness”
  • “Grand Optimist”
  • “Weightless”
  • “Fragile Bird”
  • “The Golden State”
  • “Thirst”
  • “Comin’ Home”
  • “Sorrowing Man”
  • “The Girl”
  • “Two Coins”
  • “Death’s Song”

This may actually be all of the songs … I feel like I’m missing something, though.


I couldn’t get any good pictures because of the lighting (and because I typically try to avoid taking tons of pictures at concerts anyway) … So this is the best I could do.  We weren’t as close as I was when I saw him perform in Omaha a couple of years ago, but the acoustics were so amazing in this theater that it didn’t matter (much).  Personal photo.

The highlights for me included hearing several of my favorite songs from the new album: “Of Space and Time,” “The Lonely Life,” “Thirst,” and “Two Coins”; “As Much As I Ever Could” (a beautiful song that was even more amazing live); his closing with “Death’s Song”  (incredibly powerful); and, perhaps the star of the show for me, “Sorrowing Man.”  I admittedly don’t like the Little Hell album as much as any of his others under the City and Colour moniker, but I still thought this song (which is number 8 on Little Hell) was a showstopper.  I wish I could adequately explain just how phenomenal this performance was.  I was speechless afterward (and that’s saying a lot!)

If you ever have a chance to check out City and Colour live, I highly recommend taking the opportunity.  Eric wasn’t overly excited about going and even he said he was impressed after the show was over.


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