That’s The Main Point, Can You Feel It? Can You Really Love?

Holy shit, I’m getting married in 3 days.  3 days!!!

Tonight Eric and I finally had some time to sit down together to finish up some of the last minute details.  The two biggest projects were the table numbers and place cards.

I’m still not completely happy with the way my table numbers came out, but we didn’t have that many extras.  They don’t look terrible, but they definitely could look better.  At this point, though, there’s not much I can do about it.  I figure as long as guests can read the numbers well enough to determine what they are, we’re okay.  (And, hey, this completely justifies my extreme aversion to DIY stuff!)

I lined them all up in the floor to dry (I used a paint pen).  As you may be able to see from this picture, I also made a sign for cards.  Our card box is a little unique (I’ll share that with you in a future post), so I wanted to make sure guests knew it wasn’t just another decoration.


Personal photo.

While they’re not the most beautiful table numbers in the world, they’ll work.  They should also look pretty good with the rest of our decor … So that’s something, I guess.

The place cards took quite a while, and were definitely a joint effort.  I wrote out the guest’s name and table number, and Eric went through our RSVP cards and assigned a color to each of the three meal options, sticking a rhinestone of the appropriate color on each card.  Clear rhinestones indicate chicken picatta, blue rhinestones indicate vegetable lasagna, and grey pearls indicate braised pork.  We made three “fun” examples to give our caterer tomorrow so he could show the servers what they can expect (which will hopefully speed up service a bit).

photo copy

Personal photo.

As you can hopefully see (I couldn’t get a great picture with the shitty lighting in here), Joe Montana gets pork, Alex Turner gets lasagna, and Tyler Durden gets chicken.  I actually like the way the place cards turned out.  (The rhinestones and pearls look really nice in person, I swear!)

Last minute stuff is definitely stressful, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that we’ve finished it.  We just have a few more things to do tomorrow (mostly appointments for me and a few random errands), I have to deal with getting a few dresses steamed on Friday (my mom and 2 female bridesmaids), pick up my own dress (which is currently at the dress shop waiting to be steamed), and then we’ll be ready for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday!

Oh.  My.  God.  I can’t believe all of this is really happening!  Next week when I write my Wedding Wednesday post, I’ll be a married woman.  (But trust me, I still have plenty of things to share regarding the wedding planning process!)


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