But Now I Don’t Care, I Could Go Anywhere With You And I’d Probably Be Happy

I swear I haven’t forgotten about this blog (or deserted it!).  I was just a little busy getting married. 

No big deal.

The wedding wasn’t perfect.  I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to be (though a girl can dream!), but honestly?  Other than a couple of mostly minor issues, the wedding went smoothly.  

We were crazy, planning an outdoor wedding in Nebraska in November.  Just 4 years ago, Eric’s friend (who was one of the groomsmen in our wedding) got married in October … And it snowed.  A lot.  I remember freezing to death any time I went outside, and feeling relieved that I could ride with Eric’s parents since I was driving a sporty little coupe at the time (which was never very useful in the winter).

I don’t know how it happened, but we managed to get what was probably the last nice day of the year for our wedding.  It was beautiful … Sunny, not overly windy, and warm enough (I think it was in the 60s).  Our wedding coordinator told us from the start that they could easily move the ceremony indoors if necessary, but Eric and I both really hoped for nice weather since the outdoor area at our venue was so gorgeous.  I just can’t believe we actually got it!

Here are a few guest photos (taken by my uncle) of the ceremony outdoors:


Personal photo.


Personal photo.


Personal photo.


If you see a black bar in this photo, it’s not just your imagination.  I blacked out our last name (it feels weird saying that!) which my mom had stenciled (along with our wedding date) on our wine box.  Personal photo.


Personal photo.

I will be sharing a lot of additional details later (including what went wrong, what didn’t matter, and some of my favorite moments).  Before I end this post, though, I want to say that I always thought it seemed a little cliché when people said the best day of their lives was their wedding day … But now I have to say that I agree.  I have never felt happier or more loved or more beautiful than I did on November 9, 2013.  

It was absolutely amazing.


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