Sweet Smell Of Sunshine … I Remember Sometimes

I’ll admit it … I really just want to write a bunch of stuff about the wedding right now.  It’s fresh in my mind, and a lot of our friends and family are still talking about the stuff they really liked.

But don’t worry, I’ll share other things as well.  After all, this is a random personal blog, not a wedding blog.

So today I’ll be continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge.  The topic today kind of goes along with wedding stuff since it’s about “the person you like,” so I can at least get a little (or maybe a lot?) mushy.  Unfortunately, I feel like this topic is very similar to others I have written about in the past … So I’ll be changing it up a bit.  The original topic was “the person you like and why you like them.”  I’ve changed it to:

This week’s topic: One Good Memory From Each Year Eric And I Have Been Together

2007: Our first road trip together.  We drove to Philadelphia in November and stayed in a really cool bed and breakfast (the rooms were more like little apartments, so no awkward sharing with other guests!).

2008: The first time we said “I love you.”  This happened on December 22 (yes, I remember the exact date!).  We’d already been together for a little over a year and a half, so I was starting to feel a little anxious about it … But it was worth the wait.

2009: I moved to Omaha in September so we could finally live in the same city.  This was a decision I struggled with for quite a while because I never thought I’d be the type of girl to move for a guy.  I have never once regretted coming here … It was definitely the right thing for our relationship (and I’ve made a lot of really amazing friends since the move).

2010: Going to Montreal in December.  The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the Alexisonfire concert, but we had a blast exploring the city.  It was cold and snowy, so we also spent a lot of time in our hotel room … It was so nice and relaxing!

2011: Moving in together in March.  This was obviously a huge step in our relationship, and we actually had a lot of fun apartment hunting together.

2012: Getting engaged on November 13.  It was amazing to realize that the person I loved so much loved me just as deeply and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

2013: Getting married on November 9.  (I think this one was pretty obvious.)  We’ve had a lot of ups and downs with wedding planning, couples coaching, and the other random stuff life threw at us … But there’s no doubt in my mind that we emerged a stronger, happier couple.

I kept the descriptions brief, but it was nice thinking back to each of these moments.  We’ve had many other great times together, but these stuck out in my mind as being especially important.

Hopefully in 6.5 more years I’ll have even more wonderful things to write about!


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