So Give Me Something To Believe ‘Cause I Am Living Just To Breathe

First of all, Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate) and Happy Holidays to everyone else!  I felt I should at least acknowledge the fact that this is, in fact, a holiday (despite the fact that I’ll be writing about wedding related things).

Anyway, I’m not really sure where I should pick up with regard to wedding planning.  As I mentioned in my last Wedding Wednesday post (well over a month ago, yikes!), I wanted to cover as much as possible regarding the actual process of getting everything ready before diving into the recaps.

I guess the next thing I should discuss was the moment everything got really real.  That was an important moment during wedding planning, after all!

The weird thing about wedding planning is that, no matter what you’re doing, it never seems like it’s a real event.  Everything is just an idea.  Even when you’re making payments, it still doesn’t seem like that money is really going toward anything tangible.  

I think that “Oh my God, this is really happening!” moment is different for every bride.  For some, it may be when they say yes to the dress.  For others, it may hit as they handwrite the names and addresses on the invitation envelopes.  But for me, it was something else.  

For me, it was the day I picked up my wedding band and tried it on for the first time.

Selecting our wedding bands was as important a process as choosing the engagement ring.  Eric and I both wanted to make sure our bands were “forever” bands … Just as my engagement ring is my “forever” ring.  Sure, people upgrade all the time … But that’s just not our style.  We’re both a little too sentimental for that.

I knew from the start that I wanted a Tacori band to match my engagement ring.  I also thought it would be really nice for Eric to also have a Tacori band so that the styles matched.  When I first mentioned this to him, he wasn’t so sure he really wanted or needed such an expensive wedding band.  The thing that eventually sold him on Tacori (besides the fact that the rings are undeniably gorgeous, of course) was the fact that their men’s wedding bands come with a free stainless steel “sport band,” which is perfect for wearing to work and the gym.

We went back to Greenberg’s (which is where we got my engagement ring and the only jeweler in Omaha that is an authorized Tacori retailer) for our wedding bands.  We’d gotten in touch with them to provide the style numbers of the bands we were most interested in to ensure they were all available for us to try on.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of each of the bands we tried on.  I do remember a few of the options I initially considered, though, and can at least provide the images from the Tacori website.

I wasn’t as crazy about this one with my engagement ring, but I tried it on because I wanted to see how a straight wedding band would look against the scalloped band: 


This is Tacori Sculpted Crescent Style #41-15.  It’s a beautiful band, but it just really didn’t work with what I already had.  Image courtesy of

The next band was one I had my eye on from the beginning.  It’s the perfect match for my engagement ring: 


This is Tacori Sculpted Crescent Style #46-2ET.  If I had gone for this band, I would have ordered a half eternity, as the eternity bands just aren’t comfortable (in my opinion, at least).  Image courtesy of

Although this band looked amazing with my engagement ring, something still wasn’t right.  

I’d come across a very similar band on Tacori’s website prior to shopping for wedding bands and specifically requested that it be brought in to the store.  It matched my engagement ring very well, but had a unique detail that made it incredibly beautiful and interesting on its own.


This is Tacori Sculpted Crescent Style #47-2ET.  The band they had available to try on was in rose gold, but it still gave me an idea of what the ring would look like should I choose to order it.  Personal photo.

After trying this ring on, I was completely sold.  I loved the combination of bezel set diamonds with the round diamonds in the scalloped band.  Luckily for me, Eric loved it too!  We ordered a half eternity band in white gold (to match my engagement ring).

The result?


I couldn’t get a great photo of the band in the box, but you can still get the idea.  I couldn’t be happier with it!  Personal photo.

As for Eric, he was pretty sure of what he wanted.  Although he tried on a couple of other rings, he was very much drawn to one specific style.


This is Tacori Sculpted Crescent Style #66-6S.  The details on the interior of the ring match the details of my engagement ring and wedding band beautifully, which was something we both appreciated.  Eric also loved the fact that the band wasn’t too thick or too thin and that it wasn’t shiny (his top priority when selecting a wedding band!).  Personal photo.

We ordered his band in white gold to match my rings.  The result?


Again, this picture isn’t the greatest, but you can still get the idea.  Eric really loves his band as well!  Personal photo.

And here they are together:


Personal photo.

And finally, the “Oh my God, this is really happening!” moment once I got home from picking the rings up at Greenberg’s.  I slipped the band on with my engagement ring in an effort to get a good photo to send to my mom, and in that instant everything suddenly seemed real.  I was getting married to the love of my life!  The rush of emotions was overwhelming … But most of all, I was incredibly excited.  I couldn’t wait to wear the ring all the time!  Not just because it was amazing and beautiful, but because of everything it would symbolize.


Personal photo.


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