Yes, They’ll Nosh The Love Away But It’s Fair To Say You Will Still Haunt Me …

Although Christmas is already over, I still have this incredible urge to go shopping.  Sometimes I just need to get some fun new clothes, a gorgeous new handbag, or some awesome new music or books.  It’s a sickness, really.

Anyway, for this week’s Friday Lounge post I’ve decided to share a few of the pricier things I’m currently lusting after.  (And who knows?  I’ve been told that some of my gifts are coming a little later, so there’s still time!)

Michael Kors Large Specchio Harper Tote


Image courtesy of

I am in love with this handbag.  Everything about it is perfect, from the color to the unique chain detail.  I’ve been in the market for a grey purse for quite a while, and this is exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve been holding out because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to drop $328 on a new handbag right now (especially after paying for a wedding and Christmas gifts!).  But maybe I can convince myself that it’s worth it.

Frye Melissa Harness Zip


Image courtesy of

I’d actually like these boots in black since I most often wear black (or grey), but this was the main image on the website.  They do have several gorgeous colors available, but at $398, I don’t think I could really justify buying more than one pair.  I’ve been looking for a pair of leather riding boots for a while now, and Frye also makes “wide calf” options (which I may or may not need due to my muscular calves).  

The Galeazza Shift from Anthropologie


Image courtesy of

This is such a beautiful dress and it really fits my style (even down to the headband the model is wearing!).  The only problem is that it’s $275 and I don’t really have an opportunity to wear dresses that often … So I really can’t justify spending that much.  But oh man, it’s gorgeous!  

Gucci 54mm Sunglasses from Nordstrom


Image courtesy of

I love sunglasses.  I constantly rely on them while driving, but I also think they’re a fun accessory.  These Gucci sunglasses are awesome with the two tone color scheme, and I think the shape would be incredibly flattering.  Unfortunately, $280 is a little steep for sunglasses … Though I’ve always told myself I would completely splurge on a great pair of designer eyewear.  One day.  

Tiffany Cobblestone Diamond Band Ring


Image courtesy of

I know I won’t be getting any jewelry from Eric any time soon, which is totally fine.  I’m more than happy with my engagement ring and wedding band!  I am allowed, however, to drool over other pieces.  This band is funky yet classy, with alternating sizes and cuts of diamonds.  It’s definitely the most expensive item listed here so far at $4600 (for my size, anyway!), but it’s what I picture when I think of getting a right hand ring.  Maybe for our 10 year wedding anniversary?  (Hint hint, Eric!)

Asscher Diamond Stud Earrings from Blue Nile


Image courtesy of

The final item I’m currently lusting after is a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings.  As you may have guessed based on my choice of an emerald cut diamond for my engagement ring, I adore step cuts.  Although I’d prefer to eventually build my own pair of diamond studs on Blue Nile (the option is there, though I wasn’t able to locate a setting other than the one featured here when I was poking around), I’d want something very similar to this.  Asscher cut with great specs, white gold, and nothing larger than 1 carat (total weight).  Absolutely stunning … And absolutely expensive with an expected starting price around $2375!

So there you have it … My current personal (expensive!) wish list.  If you were to add some higher end items to your current wish list, what would they be?


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