All That Lovin’ Must’ve Been Lacking Something If I Got Bored Tryin’ To Figure You Out

I haven’t written a Music Monday post featuring a favorite album in almost 3 months (the last one can be found here: Funny Thing About Money For Sex, You Might Get Rich But You Die By It), so I thought it was time for another.

I’ve mentioned my love for Tori Amos in several music-related posts, but I haven’t given proper attention to any of her work … Until now.



Although this isn’t a personal photo, I was lucky enough to see her perform live back in 2002.  It was every bit as magical as this picture suggests.  Image courtesy of

The album I’ll be discussing today is a true classic in the minds of many, and with good reason.  That album is Under the Pink.


It’s hard to believe this album will be 20 years old in 2014!  This is just another case of a great musician creating work that can really stand the test of time.  Personal photo.

Under the Pink, her sophomore album, has a much different feel for me than her debut, Little Earthquakes.  The songs are richer somehow, creating a more “full” sound than the generally much quieter songs on her first release.  Although it is still most certainly a piano-driven album, several of the songs are taken to new heights with the addition of other instruments and gorgeous background vocals (including an appearance by my beloved Trent Reznor on the haunting track “Past the Mission”).  To me, this was a preview of the more experimental work she’d produce over the next few years (most notably Boys for Pele and From the Choirgirl Hotel).

But this isn’t an album review.  Not really.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious from my first sentence in this post that I adore Under the Pink.  This is more of an opportunity to share something I love with others.  And, as with my previous posts highlighting a specific album, I will be listing out my personal favorite songs along with my favorite line(s) from these songs.  Though her lyrics can definitely be cryptic at times, I’ve always been able to draw some sort of personal meaning from each of her songs … Whether or not that meaning is what she had in mind when she created those words.  I think that’s part of the beauty of her music, though.  It can be interpreted in many ways, but in the end, it’s always meaningful.

* Cloud On My Tongue

Personal Favorite Line(s): You’re already in there/I’ll be wearing your tattoo/You’re already in there/Thought I was over the bridge now/Over the bridge now/I’m already in circles and circles and circles again

* Icicle

Personal Favorite Line(s): I think the good book is missing some pages/Gonna lay down, gonna lay down/And when my hand touches myself, I can finally rest my head/And when they say “take of his body,” I think I’ll take from mine instead

* Cornflake Girl

Personal Favorite Line(s): They must’ve paid her a nice price/She’s puttin’ on her string bean love/This is not really, this is not really happening/You bet your life it is

* Past the Mission

Personal Favorite Line(s): Hey, they found a body/Not sure it was his, still they’re using his name/And she gave him shelter/And somewhere I know she knows/Somewhere I know she knows/Some things only she knows

* Baker Baker

Personal Favorite Line(s): He says that behind my eyes I’m hiding/And he tells me I pushed him away/That my heart’s been hard to find

If there are any other Tori fans reading this, how do you feel about Under the Pink?  Would you agree that it’s a classic album?  What are some of your favorite (or even least favorite) tracks?


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