They Were Right When They Said We Should Never Meet Our Heroes

On Wednesday, I promised that I’d share my New Year’s resolutions for 2014 at some point this week.  Well, it’s now Sunday, so I really can’t wait any longer if I want to keep that promise.  In all honesty, though, I wanted to wait for a Sunday Lists post.  This is a list, after all!

Before I share my 2014 resolutions, I wanted to share something else.  I’m kind of ridiculous when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.  I know it’s kind of a silly tradition, but I always enjoy making goals for myself for a new year (whether large or small).  Unfortunately, I don’t always stick with them.  Hopefully I’ll do a little better this year.  No promises, though.

This week’s list: My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

5.) Read 50 books


This picture is amazing.  I’m pretty sure I’d be more inspired to read if I had an area like this in my house!  Image courtesy of

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that I’ve tried (and failed miserably!) to complete the 50 book challenge several times over the years.  I love reading, so you’d think it would be easy for me to do this.  But life often gets in the way (and, let’s be honest, sometimes I just feel like watching something on Netflix).  I’m hoping that 2014 will be the year that I actually reach this goal.  

4.) Practice yoga regularly


Image courtesy of

I used to attend yoga classes at least once a week, but stopped after my “class pass” ran out.  I really miss it.  The problem is that yoga studios are incredibly expensive, so it’s hard for me to convince myself to shell out the cash to regularly attend classes.  (I mean, spending between $200 and $300 for a few exercise classes seems kind of steep when I could definitely use that money toward something else.  Like a new purse.)  But I really don’t have to go to a yoga studio to take classes.  Yoga is offered at the Y, and Eric and I already have a membership there.  I just have to start forcing myself to go regularly and actually attend the classes!

3.) Lose weight


Image courtesy of

Of course no list of New Year’s resolutions would be complete without a weight loss goal (at least not a list of my creation!).  I always say I’ll try to lose weight, but I usually don’t.  Last year I actually lost a decent amount of weight for the wedding, which was awesome!  Unfortunately, a lot of that was due to being too stressed to eat much.  Once the wedding was over, I felt like some of that weight just piled right back on.  In order to reach my goal weight, I need to lose around 30 pounds.  I know I will never be able to lose that much in a year (it’s just not realistic for my body), but I’d like to weigh at least 15 pounds less than I do right now at the end of 2014.  Perhaps if I stick with resolution #4, that can become a reality.

2.) Meet financial goals


Image courtesy of

Since this is a public blog, I won’t be sharing the exact details of my personal financial goals.  I will say, though, that I want to continue saving money (I have a specific number in mind that I’d like to reach by next fall) and getting into a slightly better financial position.  (Though, really, don’t most people want that?)

1.) Write


While I don’t think buying this sleeve for my laptop would make it so, I still thought it was kind of cute when it popped up in my Google image search.  Image courtesy of

This probably seems like a silly addition to this list.  I mean, I’m writing right now, am I not?  These words didn’t just magically appear on the screen!  What I really want to achieve with this goal, though, is to push myself to spend more time writing creatively.  Yes, writing for a blog is creative writing … In a sense.  But I’ve always wanted to write at least one novel I thought was great enough to get published … And then find a way to make that dream a reality.  I need to make sure I’m setting aside even just a few hours each week to focus my creative energy and work on a project.  I always say I’ll do this, but I never do.  It’s time to put aside my fears of failure and issues with writer’s block and just write.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  If so, what are your goals for 2014?  I know we’re already a few days into the new year, but there’s still time to make your list if you haven’t already!


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