Take All Or Nothing, Life’s Just Too Short To Push It Away

For my first Music Monday post of 2014 (yes, I realize I skipped an entire week’s worth of posts … I got busy), I wanted to discuss some of the new music I’m most looking forward this year.  While this may not encompass everything that will be released throughout the year, the list I found online should at least give me an idea of the exciting things to come!

(These are in no particular order, by the way.)

* Broken Bells After the Disco


Image courtesy of http://www.wired.com.

I loved the self-titled debut Broken Bells released back in 2010.  I wasn’t sure if it was a one time deal, though, especially after The Shins came out with a new album in 2012.  I kept hoping it wasn’t just a random side project, and with this second album it’s clear that James Mercer and Danger Mouse are willing to team up again.  Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear of them.

* Imogen Heap Sparks


Image courtesy of http://www.treehugger.com.

Imogen Heap is kind of a hit or miss artist for me.  While I absolutely adore a considerable amount of her work, other songs just sort of fall flat for me.  She’s an extremely experimental musician, though, so I guess that’s to be expected.  Despite the “maybe I’ll love it, maybe I won’t” feelings I have, I can’t help but look forward to this release.  Because when she’s good, she’s amazing.

* Tori Amos Unrepentant Geraldines


Image courtesy of http://www.listal.com.

I’m a huge fan of Tori Amos, but I have to admit that I haven’t truly loved any of her albums since the release of Scarlet’s Walk back in 2002.  (I was lucky enough to see her live during that tour as well, and she was just as amazing live as I’d hoped she would be.)  Yes, she’s created a few great songs here and there on her last few efforts, but as a whole, none of those albums hold a candle to her earlier work.  Based on what I’ve read, Unrepentant Geraldines will supposedly bring her back to her roots.  I hope this is true because while I think it’s important for musicians to experiment with different ideas and sounds, Tori Amos is best when she’s creating haunting, piano driven songs that really move you.

* Garbage (New album title TBA)


Image courtesy of http://www.stuff.co.nz.

Garbage is one of those bands I grew up listening to that I still like hearing from time to time.  (I even saw them in concert when I was just 15 years old.  Or maybe I was 14.  I know it was early high school.)  They’ve created some incredible songs throughout the span of their career, and I’m interested to see what they come up with this time around.

* Soundgarden (New album title TBA)


Image courtesy of http://www.pitch.com.

I’ve been a little hesitant to listen to the newest music by Soundgarden.  I have this idea of what they should (though I use that word loosely) sound like … And, news flash, we’re not in the early ’90s anymore.  This is 2014, and as times change, musicians change as well.  Still … I admittedly haven’t given anything released later than Down on the Upside (an album that came out in 1996!) a listen.  I’ve listened to Chris Cornell’s solo work as well as his work with Audioslave … But not new Soundgarden.  That being said, I think I should get over it and just be glad that one of my favorite bands from my youth is making music again.  And, obviously, give that music a fair chance!

* Tool (New album title TBA)


Image courtesy of loudwire.com.

When I read that Tool would likely be releasing an album in 2014, I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for just a second.  Since the band notoriously takes forever to release new material, I always have incredibly high hopes for the finished product.  I have to say that, for me, none of the albums following Aenima have been quite as amazing from start to finish … But they’ve definitely produced some great songs over the years.  Their last album was released during my senior year of college … In 2006.  I hope the new album is worth the wait!  (I also hope I get to catch them on tour again.  I saw them once on my 18th birthday, and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to.  Ever.)

If anyone feels like commenting, what new music are you most looking forward to this year?


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