You Are Made Of Sugar, Milk, And Molasses

It’s Tell All Thursday, so it’s time for another 30 day blogging challenge post.  

I didn’t really like the topic for today, though.  The original topic is “Describe your last kiss.”  Well, since I’m married and give my husband kisses pretty regularly, this would be a pretty boring post.  This is not to say that kissing him is boring or anything like that.  I’m just saying that I’d only want to read about someone’s last kiss if it had a really interesting story behind it (a kiss goodbye as the relationship ended, a kiss with someone famous, a first kiss in a new relationship, etc.). 

So I won’t write about that.  Instead, I’ll come up with another topic (though I’m really struggling with writer’s block at the moment) … Maybe then I can actually write an entertaining post!

This week’s topic: Creating New Traditions

This is kind of a broad topic, I know.  It’s something I wanted to write about, though, because it’s becoming increasingly important to me.

As Eric and I went through our couples coaching classes with our wedding officiant, I realized that something that makes me feel closer to someone (and like part of a family or group) is the creation of traditions.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, and I’m flexible enough to allow for some additions and adjustments along the way … But there has to be something to look forward to at a specific time each year.

This year the holidays kind of flew by for us.  It was really unfortunate because I actually wanted to savor our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve together as a married couple.  It’s not that we didn’t spend any time together or anything … We did.  I guess I just didn’t plan well enough.

We did start one new tradition, though.  We decided that we want to start enjoying New Year’s Eve with a nice dinner out each year.  Even if we go to a party, spend the rest of the evening at home watching movies, go to a bar, whatever, we’ll start the evening off with a nice meal. 

This year we went to a restaurant in the Old Market downtown called Vivace.  We’d been there once before and enjoyed it.  They also had a special New Year’s Eve menu, so that gave us some more unique options (versus what they normally serve).  Eric ended up with a cup of saffron shrimp soup to start and the prosciutto wrapped beef tenderloin served with an oven roasted tomato, sage, and smoked gouda risotto and grilled asparagus.  I had a spinach salad with a fantastic creamy gorgonzola dressing to start and the braised veal osso buco served with potato gnocchi and steamed mixed vegetables.  Both meals were amazing, and we left with full and happy bellies.  (I wish I’d remembered to take pictures of the food, but we were enjoying our conversation and dinners so much that it slipped my mind.  I’m a terrible blogger.)

Our original plan was to hit up a couple of bars after dinner, but it was just way too fucking cold and windy to wander around downtown.  We ended up stopping at a store to get some wine and champagne and toasted the New Year together while talking and watching TV in front of the fireplace in our apartment.  It was cozy and sweet and the perfect start to our first full year together as a married couple.  I’d definitely want a repeat next year.

I don’t think traditions have to relate strictly to holidays, though.  That’s what usually comes to mind when I think about traditions, but we could really start any type of tradition we want whenever we want.  That’s the cool thing about creating a little family (or being part of a close-knit group) … You have an opportunity to create wonderful memories together by sharing experiences.  You can also give yourselves something to look forward to as the years go by, which is both comforting and exciting (an odd but nice mixture of feelings).

If anyone reading this wants to share, what are some of your favorite traditions (new or old)?  


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