A Double Standard You Invoke When You Want

I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel today.  I kept trying to come up with unique and interesting list ideas for today’s post, but I just … Couldn’t.  Maybe next week.

For now, I’ll just share some cool things I found on Pinterest.  This might not be the most innovative post I’ve ever written, but I still had fun writing it.

Eric and I look at homes online a lot.  We’re not ready to buy just yet, but it’s fun to look at what’s out there and determine what’s most important to us when choosing a house.  

One thing we both really want is a bar (most likely in a finished basement).  I love the idea of having something like that for entertaining (or just when we feel like having a drink).  So of course I decided to look around on Pinterest to get some ideas.  I mean, I’m just looking so I can have a “just looking” (a.k.a. unlimited) budget, right?  

This week’s list: The Top 8 Coolest In-Home Bars Found On Pinterest

8.)  Image

This is pretty simple, but still nice.  I like the lighting and glass front cabinets.


7.)  Image

I love the brick on the counter, and the ceiling is amazing.

6.)  Image

If this is actually in a house, it’s crazy!  It looks more like a lounge than a basement bar.  I don’t really like the design of the counter that much, but everything else is awesome.

5.)  Image

This bar is a little small, but it’s gorgeous.  I pretty much love everything about it.

4.)  Image

I really like the stone on this one.

3.)  Image

This looks like a super classy man cave bar.  I even like the staircase in this picture.  

2.)  Image

Simple, but lovely.  

1.)  Image

This is amazing in every way.  That wall of wine is awesome!


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