‘Cause You Don’t Mind Seeing Yourself In A Picture As Long As You Look Far Away

I mentioned in my last Wedding Wednesday post that I’d be writing a series of four posts covering my wedding day look decisions.  (If you want to read that post, it can be found here: But Something Told Her That He Spoke Of So Much More Than All Of This.)

For my second post in this series, I’ll be focusing on my accessories.


I kept it pretty simple with just three main accessories.  Personal photo.

I was worried I’d have a really difficult time choosing accessories to compliment my gown that brought together the overall look I was going for, but I really didn’t.  I think it helped that I tried the belt I ended up choosing with several wedding dresses.  This was actually the bridal shop owner’s pick (she was my bridal consultant as well) after I described my love for texture and florals when it came to wedding dresses.

photo copy 2

A closer look at my belt.  Personal photo.

This is the Watters Lucille belt.  While it was an expensive choice, it was also the only belt I tried on or even saw (in person and online) that I thought was really me.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had some very specific ideas regarding what I did and didn’t like when it came to wedding dresses, but I didn’t have a specific vision of the whole look until I put this belt on.

Now I know this will sound ridiculous, but after seeing myself in the dress I chose with this belt, I suddenly pictured running through an enchanted forest.  (See?  Totally ridiculous.)  But that became my vision for the wedding.  And when I discussed the way I felt with Eric, he was surprisingly on board with the whole thing.  I mean, I didn’t want some over the top themed wedding with tons of fairies and unicorns and whatever else you might think of when you think “enchanted forest.”  I just wanted a more natural look that incorporated whimsy and romance.

My hair accessory was also a surprisingly easy choice.

photo copy 3

A closer look at my hair wrap.  Personal photo.

This is the Sara Gabriel Amber hair wrap.  I loved it from the moment the bridal consultant placed it in my hair.  It matched the belt surprisingly well and it sparkled beautifully in my dark hair.  (After my hair and makeup trial, Eric had to help me get it out of my hair.  He then told me it looked like “a bunch of little lights” in my hair and he thought that was really cool.)

I ordered the hair wrap on the same day I placed the order for my wedding dress and belt.  I was a little apprehensive about this particular accessory, though, just because I hadn’t really decided how I’d be wearing my hair.  I had pinned a few of my favorite looks on my wedding inspiration board on Pinterest, but no decisions had been made.  After all, I ordered this stuff in January … The wedding was still 10 months away.  The one thing that made me a little more confident in my decision was the fact that the wrap was pretty versatile.  If I’d chosen a headband, for example, I could really only wear it one way (or maybe two, if my hair stylist was particularly creative) … And that would of course limit the ways in which my hair could be styled.

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want a veil.  I think veils are absolutely stunning on so many brides, and I’ll admit that even now I look at other wedding pictures and think, “Maybe I should have just sucked it up and gotten a veil.”  I’ll write a more in-depth post about some of the traditions Eric and I chose to leave out of our wedding and why, but, for most brides, the veil is an important accessory … So I thought I should at least mention it here.

There wasn’t really a specific reason that I didn’t want a veil … It’s just that I honestly didn’t picture myself wearing one.  After Eric proposed, I spent some time searching through wedding stuff online to get some ideas and inspiration.  I then tried to spend some time just closing my eyes and imagining what I’d want things to be like on that day.  And let me tell you … Not once did I imagine myself wearing a veil of any kind.

So I wrote off the veil as something that wasn’t my taste and moved on.  I can honestly say that I didn’t even try on a veil at any of the bridal boutiques I visited.  As far as I can remember, no one pushed me to do so.  I simply had to say that I wasn’t interested in wearing a veil and that I preferred a headband or hair wrap, and that was the end of that.

The only other accessory then (I don’t really consider shoes an accessory, though if you do, feel free to read my post on that here: I’m So Empty Here Without You) was the jewelry.

Oh, the jewelry.  This was actually the most difficult accessory for me to decide on.  When I initially ordered my dress, belt, and hair wrap, I also tried on some of the jewelry available for order in the bridal boutique.  I tried on several pieces I liked from Sara Gabriel and Haute Bride, but nothing really screamed “BUY ME!” so I decided to wait.

And then suddenly it was a few weeks before the wedding.  And I was starting to freak out because I didn’t have any jewelry to wear.  I went through a phase of “I-don’t-need-any-jewelry-because-my-dress-and-other-accessories-are-amazing,” but it was short-lived.

I like jewelry.  I don’t wear it often because it’s impractical to do so at my workplace, but I do like it.  If I’m going somewhere (even just to a friend’s house), I’ll typically at least wear a pair of earrings and my engagement and wedding rings.  I don’t have a ton of jewelry (mostly because I can’t wear it every day), but I do have several pairs of earrings, several necklaces, and a nice watch to play around with.  So I knew I needed something on my wedding day.

From the beginning, I was pretty sure I only wanted a pair of earrings for the wedding.  If I could change anything about my wedding day look, though, I probably would have worn a pretty necklace as well.  I thought the dress and other accessories were enough, but I think a necklace would have given more of a “wow” factor.  But … Too late now.

photo copy

A closer look at my earrings.  Personal photo.

Anyway, since I waited such a long time to decide on my jewelry, my options were a little more limited.  I couldn’t order from certain places because it wouldn’t arrive in time.  So, of course, I freaked out some more.

And then I remembered good old Swarovski.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of looking at their website before, but better late than never.  I actually found several pairs of earrings I really liked, so I saved the pictures and sent them to my mom for a second opinion.  She told me she liked one specific pair the most, and they happened to be one of my top two favorites.  So I ordered them.

The thing I liked most about the earrings was that they were simple.  They were large enough to be noticeable in photos, but not so large that they’d distract from the other aspects of my wedding day look.  They were dangly (a must for me), and they weren’t overly bridal.  That was important to me because I wanted to be able to wear them again (I actually wore them to dinner on New Year’s Eve).  I mean, I’ll never be able to wear my other wedding stuff again (with the exception of the shoes), so it’s nice to have at least one accessory to wear in the future that will always remind me of that day.


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