Be Careful Who You’re Thinking Will Save You In The End

I really want to own a dog.

This is just a fact.  Unfortunately, Eric and I live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets.  While that was ideal when we were initially choosing a place to live and not really ready to own a pet (no smells or loud barking from neighboring apartments), now it’s just kind of depressing.

To be fair, I really wouldn’t want to own a dog in an apartment.  Although at around 1200 sq ft our apartment isn’t small by any means, it’s still, in my opinion, way too small for a dog (unless maybe it was 25 lbs or smaller).  Additionally, apartments don’t really allow for easy playtime for dogs.  By this I mean that we couldn’t just open the back door to let it play in a fenced in backyard.  And while I’d want to take any dog I might own out for walks, sometimes they just want to run around and play … And it’s certainly less convenient to allow them to do that regularly if you live in an apartment.  (And yes, I know there are dog parks.  Most people don’t take their dogs to parks every day, though.)

Anyway, this doesn’t stop me from thinking about owning a dog … One day.  So today’s list is all about my favorite breeds of dogs.

This week’s list: My Top 5 Favorite Dog Breeds

5.) Old English Sheepdog


Image courtesy of

We could definitely never own one of these since it sheds heavily.  Eric has pretty severe allergies and I have developed slight allergies over the years … So we’re basically limited to dogs deemed “hypoallergenic.”

Something about Old English Sheepdogs has always appealed to me, though.  I think it’s the adorable way their hair just looks like one huge, shaggy mess.  These dogs basically look like hair, legs, snout, and mouth.

However, they’re a little larger than I’d probably be comfortable with.  My general rule of thumb is that if the dog weighs almost as much or more than I do, I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to handle it.  Apparently this breed can become strong-willed if its owner isn’t firm enough with regard to rules of the home … So I could totally see myself being dragged through the streets by this dog.  (I think I could be somewhat firm, but I also know I have a hard time scolding lovable dogs.)

4.) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Image courtesy of

This is another breed that sheds (though supposedly not “excessively”) … So definitely a no go for us.

I still think these are so adorable, though.  I fell in love with them after the Sex and the City episode when Charlotte receives one from a breeder she befriends in the park and names it Elizabeth Taylor.  I remember thinking, “That is one of the cutest little dogs I’ve ever seen!”

And they’re not only cute, they’re sweet natured as well.  While researching the dogs I wanted to include in this list, I found that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very gentle and love cuddling.  On the downside, they have a relatively short lifespan (9 to 11 years) compared to many other smaller dog breeds.

3.) Scottish Terrier


Image courtesy of

I couldn’t find much information regarding whether Scotties shed much or not, but they didn’t make it onto any of the “hypoallergenic” lists I looked through.  Unfortunate because I’ve loved these dogs since I was a kid.

Scotties are described as loyal, loving, and playful, though it was noted that they typically prefer older children that won’t tease them.  I’m sure most dogs would prefer that, but it would be a concern for us since we plan to start a family at some point in the next couple of years or so.

Regardless of whether or not this breed would work for us, I still find them super cute.  They’re one of the only dog breeds that have a very unmistakable look.  And that little beard is part of the charm for me … They remind me of little old men for some reason.  But in a cute way.  Okay, now I just sound like a crazy person.

2.) Yorkshire Terrier


Image courtesy of

I owned a Yorkie for 15 years while I was growing up, so I’ll always have a place in my heart for them.

From my experience, Yorkies are intelligent but strong-willed, full of energy, loving, good with children, loyal, and affectionate.  My dog, Lacey, definitely had her own little personality.  She loved to play and did lots of random funny things (like rolling on each individual piece of kibble before eating it).  She also thought she was really tough.  She’d bark like crazy if someone new came to the house … While hiding under the kitchen table.  My mom and I always joked that she was an awesome watchdog.

Obviously I find Yorkies adorable as well.  How could you not love those little faces?  My dog was the perfect breed for my mom and I because of all of the attributes I listed above.  Eric doesn’t really like tiny dogs, and, to be honest, I don’t think I’d want to own another Yorkie because I’d constantly compare it to Lacey (which obviously isn’t fair).  But still … I love them.

1.) Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Image courtesy of

I’m about 99.9% sure that Eric and I will end up with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier when we’re finally ready to become pet owners.

These are (thankfully!) in the “hypoallergenic” group.  They’re medium-sized, so it’s a perfect compromise for us since, as I mentioned, Eric doesn’t like really small dogs and I don’t think I could properly handle a really large dog.  It’s also one of the only dog breeds that Eric and I both agree we could imagine owning.

I’d never heard of these dogs until one of Eric’s close friends (who happened to be one of our groomsmen) got one.  I met his puppy when we went over to his house one weekend, and I fell in love.  He was one of the sweetest dogs I’d ever met.  He seemed to take an immediate liking to us, cuddling up on the couch with his head in my lap.  I was like, “When can we get one of these?”

While we could probably get away with owning most of the dogs on this list in an apartment (with the exception of the Old English Sheepdog), I would never want to own a Wheaten in an apartment.  They require a considerable amount of exercise, and I think it would just be cruel to keep one in a third floor apartment.  But man, do I want one.  When we eventually buy a house, I’ll definitely be pushing for one!


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