And At Once I Knew I Was Not Magnificent …

Back in August I mentioned how much I love Spotify.  If you missed that post and want to check it out, it can be found here: If Life Could Be Forever One Instant, Would It Be The Moment You Met Me?.

When I discussed Spotify previously, I shared one of my recent playlists.  As I said in that post, I’ve always loved making playlists.  One of the things I like most about Spotify is the fact that I’m able to easily share the playlists I make (or individual songs, for that matter) with my friends through Facebook.  I used to share music with my friends in college quite a bit (my friend Lisa and I even used to have “listening parties for two” which involved sharing whatever new band/artist we’d discovered while talking and/or having snacks), so this feature brings me back to those simpler times.  It’s also useful considering I literally have friends scattered throughout the country (and the world, as one of my good friends is currently studying abroad in Europe).  Having the ability to immediately send them a song or playlist I think they might enjoy makes me feel closer to them … And that’s definitely nice.

I actually made this playlist a while ago before I had a couple of my girlfriends over for snacks and girl talk, but I still really enjoy listening to it.  There’s no real theme … These were just songs I thought might be nice for background music.  The title of this playlist is simply A Night In.

Again, I’m unable to post the actual playlist here (and yes, I realize this kind of makes me a shitty blogger).  I will, however, list out the songs with the hope that maybe someone will read this and feel inspired to check them out (or make a similar playlist of their own).

1.) The High Road – Broken Bells

2.) Fine + 2 PTS – Minus the Bear

3.) Us – Regina Spektor

4.) Good to Sea – Pinback

5.) Babel – Mumford & Sons

6.) Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect – The Decemberists

7.) Valentine – Fiona Apple

8.) The Death of Me – City and Colour

9.) Clementine – Elliott Smith

10.) Lights – Interpol

11.) Carry the Zero – Built to Spill

12.) Patriarch on a Vespa – Metric

13.) Never Go Solo – Islands

14.) Lightness – Death Cab for Cutie

15.) Gone for Good – The Shins

16.) Hurricane – The Hush Sound

17.) No Cars Go – Arcade Fire

18.) Seasick – Silversun Pickups

19.) Pyramid Song – Radiohead

20.) The Nerve – The Republic Tigers

21.) Cloud on My Tongue – Tori Amos

22.) Old Soul Song (for the New World Order) – Bright Eyes

23.) Of Up and Coming Monarchs – Pedro the Lion

24.) Tyrant – The Bravery

25.) Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

26.) Naomi – Neutral Milk Hotel

27.) Agenda Suicide – The Faint

28.) Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

29.) Sailing to Nowhere – Broken Bells

30.) Diamond Lightning – Minus the Bear

31.) One More Time with Feeling – Regina Spektor

32.) Sender – Pinback

33.) Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

34.) Shiny – The Decemberists

35.) I Know – Fiona Apple

36.) Day Old Hate – City and Colour

37.) Angel in the Snow – Elliott Smith

38.) Song Seven – Interpol

39.) Things Fall Apart – Built to Spill

40.) Youth Without Youth – Metric

41.) Pieces Of You – Islands

42.) Brothers on a Hotel Bed – Death Cab for Cutie

43.) Caring is Creepy – The Shins

44.) You are the Moon – The Hush Sound

45.) Wake Up – Arcade Fire

46.) Three Seed – Silversun Pickups

47.) Let Down – Radiohead

48.) Buildings & Mountains – The Republic Tigers

49.) Snow Cherries from France – Tori Amos

50.) The Movement of a Hand – Bright Eyes

51.) Foregone Conclusions – Pedro the Lion

52.) Time Won’t Let Me Go – The Bravery

53.) Dull Life – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

54.) In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel

55.) The Geeks Were Right – The Faint

56.) King and Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men

57.) October – Broken Bells

58.) Pachuca Sunrise – Minus the Bear

59.) Samson – Regina Spektor

60.) Torch – Pinback

61.) I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons

62.) Eli, The Barrow Boy – The Decemberists

63.) Oh Well – Fiona Apple

64.) Fragile Bird – City and Colour

65.) Junk Bond Trader – Elliott Smith

66.) Say Hello to the Angels – Interpol

67.) Strange – Built to Spill

68.) Soft Rock Star – Metric

69.) This is Not a Song – Islands

70.) Codes and Keys – Death Cab for Cutie

71.) Spilt Needles – The Shins

72.) We Intertwined – The Hush Sound

73.) The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

74.) Comeback Kid – Silversun Pickups

75.) Lotus Flower – Radiohead

76.) Weatherbeaten – The Republic Tigers

77.) Doughnut Song – Tori Amos

78.) Approximate Sunlight – Bright Eyes

79.) The Bells – Pedro the Lion

80.) Song for Jacob – The Bravery

81.) Kiss, Kiss – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

82.) Song Against Sex – Neutral Milk Hotel

83.) I Disappear – The Faint

84.) Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

If anyone reading this wants to comment, please feel free to share your thoughts on this playlist.  Which songs (if any) do you enjoy?  Which songs (if any) do you hate?  I’m also open to any musical recommendations!


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