Watch Out When You’re Faced By What You Don’t Know

This week I’ll be writing the third of four posts in a series covering my wedding day look.

I’ve already written about choosing my wedding dress and my accessories.  Today I’ll be discussing the inspiration behind my hair and makeup choices.

I had a lot of trouble making a decision about how I wanted my hair and makeup done on my wedding day.  I had a few ideas about what I might like, but it was only after I combed through Pinterest that I was able to start putting the pieces together.

The problem, though, is that Pinterest is ridiculously addictive.  It’s also kind of dangerous when you’re wedding planning.  Why is it dangerous, you ask?  Because any search you begin will inevitably lead to about a million results.  That definitely makes narrowing down what you actually want much more difficult.

After looking at what felt like thousands of images, I finally found several hairstyles and a few ideas for makeup that I really liked.  I knew that my hair and makeup would never be completely identical to these pictures, but they provided me with some visuals for my hair stylist and makeup artist.  And if you’re currently planning your own wedding, I’ll tell you that this is so important.  Otherwise they’ll have no idea what your vision actually is.

So, without further ado, here are my hair and makeup inspiration photos:










As you can see from these pictures, I was very drawn to soft, romantic updos with loose curls and braids and/or twists.

Although I don’t always like having my hair up, I thought it would probably be best for my wedding since I planned to dance and have a lot of fun.  I was worried that if I wore my hair down, the curls would drop out if I got too hot.  I did, however, still pin a couple of potential hairstyles that didn’t involve an updo:



As for makeup, I decided I wanted a romantic, fairly natural look with smoky eyes and false eyelashes (since mine kind of suck).  Here are the looks I loved when I was searching through Pinterest:






Next week I’ll share my hair and makeup trial photos so you can see how all of this came together!


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