In Your Eyes I See And Feel It All

This week I’ve decided to continue working through my 30 day blogging challenge for my Friday Lounge post.  (I kind of need to do this … Otherwise I may never finish!)

So today I’ll share a date I would love to go on.

I’ve had some really great dates over the years.  They haven’t all been extravagant, but sometimes little things like discovering a new favorite place to eat (even if it’s kind of a hole in the wall) make for the best dates.

The date idea I’ll be sharing today is something I didn’t even know was a thing until very recently.  I mean, I knew these types of classes existed (and I’ve wanted to take one for quite a while!) … But I wasn’t really sure where to find a one time class that would be ideal for a couple.


This is a picture of the local Whole Foods, though I can’t take credit for taking it.  Image courtesy of

I’m talking about cooking classes. 

Apparently Whole Foods offers these types of classes pretty regularly.  At $25/person, they seem like a pretty good deal.  I just searched through the February events and realized there was a class yesterday evening.  This is kind of a bummer since the meal we’d be learning to prepare sounds like something we’d both want to have often: shrimp alla Santorini over orzo, meatballs with a side of tzatziki, and chocolate baklava triangles.

Now that I know about these classes, though, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a good one.  Eric and I already enjoy cooking together, so I think a cooking class would be a fun date for us. 

If anyone reading this feels like commenting, what are some of your favorite date ideas?


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