You Will Be Dispensed With When You’ve Become Inconvenient

I’m going to modify a 30 day blogging challenge topic for today’s Sunday Lists post.  The topic originally just asked bloggers to name one thing, but I’ll be naming three today.

This week’s list: Three Disgusting Things I Do

3.) Drink pickle juice straight from the jar


Claussen dill pickles are my personal favorite.  Image courtesy of

When I was younger, I’d sit down at the kitchen table with a jar of pickles and not get up again until every last one had been eaten and the juice was completely gone.  These days I don’t polish off an entire jar in one sitting, but I do continue to drink the juice if I’m eating the last pickle (or five).

I love pickles, so I don’t really think this is too gross.  Other people definitely do, though!

2.) Bite my nails


Image courtesy of

I’ve always bitten my nails.  I’ve tried to stop several times in the past, but I can never seem to stop completely.  I don’t do it because I’m nervous or anxious, though.  I just do it.  I don’t know why.

This is probably more of a bad habit than a disgusting one, but I know a lot of people find nail biting to be gross.

1.) Peeling off skin after a sunburn


Image courtesy of

I know that I really shouldn’t be allowing myself to get sunburnt in the first place, but it happens.  Unfortunately, I can’t stop myself from peeling off the layers of skin (just like in the photo above) as it heals.

What’s more disgusting than that?  The fact that I also like to peel Eric’s skin if he gets a sunburn.  I think it creeps him out a little, but he still lets me do it (for whatever reason).


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