I Can’t Remember All The Times I Tried To Tell Myself To Hold On To These Moments As They Pass

I was trying to think about what might make sense as a follow-up to my four part wedding day look series, and I realized I hadn’t discussed what anyone else was wearing that day.  So today’s post is all about the rest of the wedding party and their attire.

Eric chose to wear the same tux that his groomsmen and my Man of Honor wore.  I know that some grooms opt for something a little different to stand out, but Kevin (my Man of Honor) was actually the only one to wear something a little different.  He wore a boutonniere, while the other guys simply wore a pocket square.  (Hey, he had to get some flowers somehow!)

When we initially chose our color scheme, Eric and I decided that the tuxes should probably be grey.  There were surprisingly not a ton of options for grey tuxedos, but Eric settled on the Legend Grey Tuxedo by Calvin Klein.  And I loved it!


Image courtesy of www.my-tuxedo.com.

As for the girls, I initially just wanted them to pick out something they liked.  After talking with them, though, it seemed like they preferred that I at least give them some ideas.  So I searched.  And searched.  And searched.  I stressed more about the bridesmaid dresses than I did about my own because I couldn’t find anything I liked that I thought they’d like/be comfortable in.

Eventually I found a few dresses and sent them the pictures.  Surprisingly, they both liked the same one.  I then asked if they preferred grey or a blue/green color and sent them pictures of the swatches I’d gotten in the mail.  (Side note: Wedding planning can be kind of tough when all of your bridesmaids live far away.)  And they both liked the same color as well.  So really, my bridesmaids made the dress decision really easy.

Here’s what they ended up choosing:


This is the Wtoo 788 in Mediterranean.  Image courtesy of www.watters.com.

And finally, a picture of the whole group together.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the day!


I’m not really sure why (yet again!) the wedding picture is so small.  I tried resizing, but nothing seemed to work.  Hopefully you can at least get the general idea.  Personal photo taken by Kelsey at Memrical. 


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