I Have Lived So Many Lives All In My Head

I kept trying to think of something to write about today, but I couldn’t settle on one specific topic.  So I decided to share something fun.

I first took the Visual DNA Personality Test several years ago.  I don’t know what made me think of it tonight, but for whatever reason I thought, “Why not take it again to see if anything has changed?”  It’s pretty quick, fun, and interesting (though I generally enjoy taking personality tests, so maybe I’m biased).  

If you’re interested in taking it for yourself, the test can be found here: https://personality.visualdna.com/?c=us#quiz

Here are my results:

You’re A Seeker

Your positivity is infectious — which sounds a little germy.  When times are tough you’re waiting with open arms and your best sympathetic face.

You’re open to new things, and can be persuaded to try anything twice, all in the name of experience of course.  We’ve got you down as a bit of a dreamer, you’re probably zoning out right now, PAY ATTENTION, and read on.

Your home forms the cornerstone of your life.  It is your castle, or at least it could be if you got planning permission for the turrets.

Find an outlet for all that pent up creativity.  If that means running barefoot howling at the wind, then that’s … Er … Cool, but also welcome a bit of structure into your life.  Word to the wise: you’ve got good ideas, find your voice, but always take advice.

Valuing the big L, probably more than anything, you keep your dearest nearest.  As a consequence of them knowing you warts (not literally?!) and all, they are best placed to give you support.

The results also break your personality down in several areas, including Time, Energy, Love, Money, and Fun.  I won’t share everything here because, well, it would probably be pretty boring to read.  

I will say that my results are pretty different this time around.  I think part of this is due to my position in life … When I first took this, I was in my early 20s.  I was single, depressed, and floating pretty aimlessly through life.  Now I’m in the last stretch of my 20s (Can I pretend that’s not the case?), married, doing well at work, and starting to think much more seriously about certain things (like buying a home and having my first child).  I wouldn’t say I completely agree with all of my results, but part of this is due to the images being very subjective.  I may not interpret them the way they were intended, but that’s okay.  It’s still an interesting personality test, and a good way to pass the time if you’re bored and have 10 or so minutes to kill.

If anyone reading this takes the Visual DNA Personality Test and wants to share the results, please feel free to do so in the comments!


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