You’re Insecure, But That’s No Excuse

I haven’t forgotten about the 30 day blogging challenge.  I was just waiting for another Sunday Lists post to share the next topic.

This week’s list: 3 Things I Like About My Personality

3.) I like that I’m very sensitive.  There are times when I hate this because it can be a little embarrassing … I mean, I will actually start to tear up sometimes if I’m even just telling someone a story that I find moving in some way.  But I like that I feel things so deeply because I think it helps me relate to others a little more.

2.) I like that I’m driven.  I may not be exactly where I thought I’d be at the age of 29, but I work hard for the things I have.  I have very specific goals in mind relating to my career, buying a home, starting a family, etc., and I plan to achieve them.

1.) I like that I’m not afraid to be myself.  There are a lot of sides to my personality, but I’m never ashamed of any of them.  I tend to think that people will either like me or they won’t … So why waste time trying to get them to like someone I’m not?

If anyone feels like sharing, what are the 3 things you like best about your own personality?


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