I Never Seen A Light Move Like Yours Can Do To Me …

When Eric and I started planning our wedding, there were very few things that I knew right away I wanted.  Two of the things I was most sure about?  The song I would be walking town the aisle to (which I’ll discuss in my next post), and our first dance song (which I’ll be sharing today).

A lot of couples have a song they deem special, known to them as “our song.”  Despite the fact that I’m obsessed with music, Eric and I don’t have a song.  This probably should have made choosing our first dance song difficult, but it really wasn’t.

photo copy 6

The wife of one of our groomsmen took this picture during our first dance, and Eric and I thought it looked really nice.  Guest photo.

The song I immediately thought of for our first dance was “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.  The first time I heard this song, I was in college.  I remember listening to it, really listening to the lyrics and thinking, “I want a love like this.”

“The Luckiest” is, in my opinion, the perfect love song.  The music is lovely (practically made for dancing!), and the lyrics are incredibly sweet and romantic without being cheesy.  The last verse is actually pretty sad, but it’s also romantic in that “love that will never die” kind of way.  (If you’re not familiar with the song, that verse basically tells the story of an older couple in their 90s.  The man dies, and his wife dies only a couple of days later of a broken heart.  As I said, it’s sad … But that’s honestly the kind of “depths of my soul” kind of love I always wanted.  And now I feel so lucky because I’ve found it.)

I like a lot of songs by Ben Folds, but “The Luckiest” is by far my favorite.  And now it will forever be one of my favorite songs because it will always remind me of my wedding day and how happy I was in that moment, dancing with my new husband.


This was my favorite picture from our wedding.  I think part of it is because it captured such an intimate moment so beautifully.  Personal photo taken by Kelsey at Memrical.