You’re Insecure, But That’s No Excuse

I haven’t forgotten about the 30 day blogging challenge.  I was just waiting for another Sunday Lists post to share the next topic.

This week’s list: 3 Things I Like About My Personality

3.) I like that I’m very sensitive.  There are times when I hate this because it can be a little embarrassing … I mean, I will actually start to tear up sometimes if I’m even just telling someone a story that I find moving in some way.  But I like that I feel things so deeply because I think it helps me relate to others a little more.

2.) I like that I’m driven.  I may not be exactly where I thought I’d be at the age of 29, but I work hard for the things I have.  I have very specific goals in mind relating to my career, buying a home, starting a family, etc., and I plan to achieve them.

1.) I like that I’m not afraid to be myself.  There are a lot of sides to my personality, but I’m never ashamed of any of them.  I tend to think that people will either like me or they won’t … So why waste time trying to get them to like someone I’m not?

If anyone feels like sharing, what are the 3 things you like best about your own personality?


You Will Be Dispensed With When You’ve Become Inconvenient

I’m going to modify a 30 day blogging challenge topic for today’s Sunday Lists post.  The topic originally just asked bloggers to name one thing, but I’ll be naming three today.

This week’s list: Three Disgusting Things I Do

3.) Drink pickle juice straight from the jar


Claussen dill pickles are my personal favorite.  Image courtesy of

When I was younger, I’d sit down at the kitchen table with a jar of pickles and not get up again until every last one had been eaten and the juice was completely gone.  These days I don’t polish off an entire jar in one sitting, but I do continue to drink the juice if I’m eating the last pickle (or five).

I love pickles, so I don’t really think this is too gross.  Other people definitely do, though!

2.) Bite my nails


Image courtesy of

I’ve always bitten my nails.  I’ve tried to stop several times in the past, but I can never seem to stop completely.  I don’t do it because I’m nervous or anxious, though.  I just do it.  I don’t know why.

This is probably more of a bad habit than a disgusting one, but I know a lot of people find nail biting to be gross.

1.) Peeling off skin after a sunburn


Image courtesy of

I know that I really shouldn’t be allowing myself to get sunburnt in the first place, but it happens.  Unfortunately, I can’t stop myself from peeling off the layers of skin (just like in the photo above) as it heals.

What’s more disgusting than that?  The fact that I also like to peel Eric’s skin if he gets a sunburn.  I think it creeps him out a little, but he still lets me do it (for whatever reason).

Words You Say Never Seem To Live Up To The Ones Inside Your Head

I’ve always liked quotes.  That’s probably a strange thing to like, but I always appreciated that no matter what you’re dealing with, how you’re feeling, or what you want to say, there’s a quote for that.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to write in a LiveJournal.  I actually wrote it in off and on for 7 years, and the majority of my entries contained a “quote of the day” at the end.  I usually tried to make the quotes match up with the topic of my entry, though many times it was just something I liked.

So today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite quotes with you.  This is in no way a complete list, but it’s a start.  (Hopefully they’re all accurate as well … According to my online sources they are, but I don’t have the time or patience to watch every movie/TV episode or flip through every book most of these come from to be 100% sure.)  Also, please note … These are in no particular order.

This week’s list: Ten Of My Favorite Quotes (That Are Not Taken From Song Lyrics)

10.) “You can’t be a proper writer without a touch of madness, can you?” – Madeleine LeClerc Quills

9.) “Memory can change the shape of a room.  It can change the color of a car.  And memories can be distorted.  They’re just an interpretation.  They’re not a record, and they’re irrelevant if you have the facts.” – Leonard Shelby Memento

8.) “We feel the need to pour out our hearts to a given person, to surrender, to sacrifice everything.  In such a meeting no words are necessary: each senses the other’s thoughts.  Each is the answer to the other’s dreams.” – Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

7.) “A condom is the glass slipper for our generation.  You slip one on when you meet a stranger.  You dance all night, and then you throw it away.  The condom, I mean, not the stranger. – Marla Singer Fight Club

6.) “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Carl W. Buechner

5.) “Holding anger is a poison.  It eats you from inside.  We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us.  But hatred is a curved blade.  And the harms we do, we do to ourselves.” – The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

4.) “Now the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.  Many dos and don’ts.  First of all, you’re using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel.  This is a delicate thing.” – Rob Gordon High Fidelity

3.) “Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back.  Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.” – Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City

2.) “We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things.  Words without experience are meaningless.” – Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

1.) “No matter how careful you are, there’s going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn’t experience it all.  There’s that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should’ve been paying attention.  Well, get used to that feeling.  That’s how your whole life will feel some day.  This is all practice.” – Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk

If anyone reading this feels like commenting, what are some of your favorite quotes?

Don’t Know How To Say Thanks For Being Alive

I wrote about my celebrity crushes back in October.  If you’re interested, that post can be found here: I Was Still Surprised When I Caught Your Eye After All This Time.

This week I’ve decided to share a different type of celebrity obsession: my girl crushes.

These are the female celebrities I think are absolutely gorgeous.  The women I see and think, “I wish I looked like that!”  This list changes periodically, but right now these are my favorite girl crushes.

This week’s list: My Top Five Celebrity Girl Crushes

5.) Jennifer Lawrence


I don’t usually find blondes as attractive as brunettes (in both men and women), but part of Jennifer Lawrence’s appeal is that she just seems so damn cool and funny.  Her interviews never fail to amuse me, and, let’s be real … She’s definitely not bad to look at.

4.) Leighton Meester


In Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s character, Serena, almost always overshadowed her best friend Blair (Leighton Meester’s character, for those who aren’t familiar with the show).  In reality, I always thought Leighton Meester was the prettier of the two.  Blake Lively is, without a doubt, beautiful … But something about Leighton always appealed to me more.

3.) Alexis Bledel


This could be partially due to my love for her Gilmore Girls character, Rory, but I’ve always thought Alexis Bledel was stunning.  She’s so effortlessly beautiful too, which is refreshing … She very rarely has a face caked with makeup.

2.) Natalie Portman

Israeli-US actress and member of the Jur 

I adore curly hair, and that was actually one of the first things I noticed about Natalie Portman when I first saw one of her movies.  She’s definitely more than just nice hair, though.  She’s a great actress, and absolutely beautiful.

1.) Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is just gorgeous.  If I could pick just one celebrity I would want to look like, it would be her.  I don’t think I need to say more.

Be Careful Who You’re Thinking Will Save You In The End

I really want to own a dog.

This is just a fact.  Unfortunately, Eric and I live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets.  While that was ideal when we were initially choosing a place to live and not really ready to own a pet (no smells or loud barking from neighboring apartments), now it’s just kind of depressing.

To be fair, I really wouldn’t want to own a dog in an apartment.  Although at around 1200 sq ft our apartment isn’t small by any means, it’s still, in my opinion, way too small for a dog (unless maybe it was 25 lbs or smaller).  Additionally, apartments don’t really allow for easy playtime for dogs.  By this I mean that we couldn’t just open the back door to let it play in a fenced in backyard.  And while I’d want to take any dog I might own out for walks, sometimes they just want to run around and play … And it’s certainly less convenient to allow them to do that regularly if you live in an apartment.  (And yes, I know there are dog parks.  Most people don’t take their dogs to parks every day, though.)

Anyway, this doesn’t stop me from thinking about owning a dog … One day.  So today’s list is all about my favorite breeds of dogs.

This week’s list: My Top 5 Favorite Dog Breeds

5.) Old English Sheepdog


Image courtesy of

We could definitely never own one of these since it sheds heavily.  Eric has pretty severe allergies and I have developed slight allergies over the years … So we’re basically limited to dogs deemed “hypoallergenic.”

Something about Old English Sheepdogs has always appealed to me, though.  I think it’s the adorable way their hair just looks like one huge, shaggy mess.  These dogs basically look like hair, legs, snout, and mouth.

However, they’re a little larger than I’d probably be comfortable with.  My general rule of thumb is that if the dog weighs almost as much or more than I do, I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to handle it.  Apparently this breed can become strong-willed if its owner isn’t firm enough with regard to rules of the home … So I could totally see myself being dragged through the streets by this dog.  (I think I could be somewhat firm, but I also know I have a hard time scolding lovable dogs.)

4.) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Image courtesy of

This is another breed that sheds (though supposedly not “excessively”) … So definitely a no go for us.

I still think these are so adorable, though.  I fell in love with them after the Sex and the City episode when Charlotte receives one from a breeder she befriends in the park and names it Elizabeth Taylor.  I remember thinking, “That is one of the cutest little dogs I’ve ever seen!”

And they’re not only cute, they’re sweet natured as well.  While researching the dogs I wanted to include in this list, I found that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very gentle and love cuddling.  On the downside, they have a relatively short lifespan (9 to 11 years) compared to many other smaller dog breeds.

3.) Scottish Terrier


Image courtesy of

I couldn’t find much information regarding whether Scotties shed much or not, but they didn’t make it onto any of the “hypoallergenic” lists I looked through.  Unfortunate because I’ve loved these dogs since I was a kid.

Scotties are described as loyal, loving, and playful, though it was noted that they typically prefer older children that won’t tease them.  I’m sure most dogs would prefer that, but it would be a concern for us since we plan to start a family at some point in the next couple of years or so.

Regardless of whether or not this breed would work for us, I still find them super cute.  They’re one of the only dog breeds that have a very unmistakable look.  And that little beard is part of the charm for me … They remind me of little old men for some reason.  But in a cute way.  Okay, now I just sound like a crazy person.

2.) Yorkshire Terrier


Image courtesy of

I owned a Yorkie for 15 years while I was growing up, so I’ll always have a place in my heart for them.

From my experience, Yorkies are intelligent but strong-willed, full of energy, loving, good with children, loyal, and affectionate.  My dog, Lacey, definitely had her own little personality.  She loved to play and did lots of random funny things (like rolling on each individual piece of kibble before eating it).  She also thought she was really tough.  She’d bark like crazy if someone new came to the house … While hiding under the kitchen table.  My mom and I always joked that she was an awesome watchdog.

Obviously I find Yorkies adorable as well.  How could you not love those little faces?  My dog was the perfect breed for my mom and I because of all of the attributes I listed above.  Eric doesn’t really like tiny dogs, and, to be honest, I don’t think I’d want to own another Yorkie because I’d constantly compare it to Lacey (which obviously isn’t fair).  But still … I love them.

1.) Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Image courtesy of

I’m about 99.9% sure that Eric and I will end up with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier when we’re finally ready to become pet owners.

These are (thankfully!) in the “hypoallergenic” group.  They’re medium-sized, so it’s a perfect compromise for us since, as I mentioned, Eric doesn’t like really small dogs and I don’t think I could properly handle a really large dog.  It’s also one of the only dog breeds that Eric and I both agree we could imagine owning.

I’d never heard of these dogs until one of Eric’s close friends (who happened to be one of our groomsmen) got one.  I met his puppy when we went over to his house one weekend, and I fell in love.  He was one of the sweetest dogs I’d ever met.  He seemed to take an immediate liking to us, cuddling up on the couch with his head in my lap.  I was like, “When can we get one of these?”

While we could probably get away with owning most of the dogs on this list in an apartment (with the exception of the Old English Sheepdog), I would never want to own a Wheaten in an apartment.  They require a considerable amount of exercise, and I think it would just be cruel to keep one in a third floor apartment.  But man, do I want one.  When we eventually buy a house, I’ll definitely be pushing for one!

A Double Standard You Invoke When You Want

I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel today.  I kept trying to come up with unique and interesting list ideas for today’s post, but I just … Couldn’t.  Maybe next week.

For now, I’ll just share some cool things I found on Pinterest.  This might not be the most innovative post I’ve ever written, but I still had fun writing it.

Eric and I look at homes online a lot.  We’re not ready to buy just yet, but it’s fun to look at what’s out there and determine what’s most important to us when choosing a house.  

One thing we both really want is a bar (most likely in a finished basement).  I love the idea of having something like that for entertaining (or just when we feel like having a drink).  So of course I decided to look around on Pinterest to get some ideas.  I mean, I’m just looking so I can have a “just looking” (a.k.a. unlimited) budget, right?  

This week’s list: The Top 8 Coolest In-Home Bars Found On Pinterest

8.)  Image

This is pretty simple, but still nice.  I like the lighting and glass front cabinets.


7.)  Image

I love the brick on the counter, and the ceiling is amazing.

6.)  Image

If this is actually in a house, it’s crazy!  It looks more like a lounge than a basement bar.  I don’t really like the design of the counter that much, but everything else is awesome.

5.)  Image

This bar is a little small, but it’s gorgeous.  I pretty much love everything about it.

4.)  Image

I really like the stone on this one.

3.)  Image

This looks like a super classy man cave bar.  I even like the staircase in this picture.  

2.)  Image

Simple, but lovely.  

1.)  Image

This is amazing in every way.  That wall of wine is awesome!

They Were Right When They Said We Should Never Meet Our Heroes

On Wednesday, I promised that I’d share my New Year’s resolutions for 2014 at some point this week.  Well, it’s now Sunday, so I really can’t wait any longer if I want to keep that promise.  In all honesty, though, I wanted to wait for a Sunday Lists post.  This is a list, after all!

Before I share my 2014 resolutions, I wanted to share something else.  I’m kind of ridiculous when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.  I know it’s kind of a silly tradition, but I always enjoy making goals for myself for a new year (whether large or small).  Unfortunately, I don’t always stick with them.  Hopefully I’ll do a little better this year.  No promises, though.

This week’s list: My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

5.) Read 50 books


This picture is amazing.  I’m pretty sure I’d be more inspired to read if I had an area like this in my house!  Image courtesy of

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that I’ve tried (and failed miserably!) to complete the 50 book challenge several times over the years.  I love reading, so you’d think it would be easy for me to do this.  But life often gets in the way (and, let’s be honest, sometimes I just feel like watching something on Netflix).  I’m hoping that 2014 will be the year that I actually reach this goal.  

4.) Practice yoga regularly


Image courtesy of

I used to attend yoga classes at least once a week, but stopped after my “class pass” ran out.  I really miss it.  The problem is that yoga studios are incredibly expensive, so it’s hard for me to convince myself to shell out the cash to regularly attend classes.  (I mean, spending between $200 and $300 for a few exercise classes seems kind of steep when I could definitely use that money toward something else.  Like a new purse.)  But I really don’t have to go to a yoga studio to take classes.  Yoga is offered at the Y, and Eric and I already have a membership there.  I just have to start forcing myself to go regularly and actually attend the classes!

3.) Lose weight


Image courtesy of

Of course no list of New Year’s resolutions would be complete without a weight loss goal (at least not a list of my creation!).  I always say I’ll try to lose weight, but I usually don’t.  Last year I actually lost a decent amount of weight for the wedding, which was awesome!  Unfortunately, a lot of that was due to being too stressed to eat much.  Once the wedding was over, I felt like some of that weight just piled right back on.  In order to reach my goal weight, I need to lose around 30 pounds.  I know I will never be able to lose that much in a year (it’s just not realistic for my body), but I’d like to weigh at least 15 pounds less than I do right now at the end of 2014.  Perhaps if I stick with resolution #4, that can become a reality.

2.) Meet financial goals


Image courtesy of

Since this is a public blog, I won’t be sharing the exact details of my personal financial goals.  I will say, though, that I want to continue saving money (I have a specific number in mind that I’d like to reach by next fall) and getting into a slightly better financial position.  (Though, really, don’t most people want that?)

1.) Write


While I don’t think buying this sleeve for my laptop would make it so, I still thought it was kind of cute when it popped up in my Google image search.  Image courtesy of

This probably seems like a silly addition to this list.  I mean, I’m writing right now, am I not?  These words didn’t just magically appear on the screen!  What I really want to achieve with this goal, though, is to push myself to spend more time writing creatively.  Yes, writing for a blog is creative writing … In a sense.  But I’ve always wanted to write at least one novel I thought was great enough to get published … And then find a way to make that dream a reality.  I need to make sure I’m setting aside even just a few hours each week to focus my creative energy and work on a project.  I always say I’ll do this, but I never do.  It’s time to put aside my fears of failure and issues with writer’s block and just write.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  If so, what are your goals for 2014?  I know we’re already a few days into the new year, but there’s still time to make your list if you haven’t already!